Marwari Community Secret behind Success

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Marwari Community - What is the Secret behind Marwari Community's Success?

What is the Secret behind the Marwari Community’s Success?

Marwari Community Secret behind Success: In ancient times, the Marwar region of Rajasthan was known as Maru Pradesh. And the citizens of this region were named Marwaris. In later years, the same community was renowned for their business skills in the country.

The origin and the History of this community?

The history of the Marwari community is more than 5000 years ago. It is believed that the Marwari society originated from the thirty-fourth generation of Kush, son of Lord Rama, from great King Agrasen, son of great King Vallabhdev. King Agrasena, on the orders of Sage, Gargasked 18 sages to perform 18 yagnas completed by his eighteen sons.

Marwari Community - What is the Secret behind Marwari Community's Success?

And on the names of those 18 sages, named 18 gotras of his clan. Of which the first gotra was called Garg after the Sage Garg. King Agrasena ruled Agroha for 108 years and trained the people in agriculture, trade, and business along with moral values. He gave the businessmen a scale for business.

And taught them the uses of weapons for self-defense. In this manner, the Marwari people adopted the qualities of both Kshatriya and Vaishya. The Marwari community originated from the region of the Agrohain Hissar district of Haryana. Almost 5000 years ago till the 11th century, the Marwari community ruled Agroha.

Marwari Community - What is the Secret behind Marwari Community's Success?

In the 11th century, Mohammed Ghori attacked Agroha, and after everything was lost in loot and a massive fire, the Marwari community had to leave Agroha and relocate to other parts of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and majorly settle in Marwad region of Rajasthan. Here, the Marwaris along with the Rajput rulers remained as Kshatriyas.

Then in the 13th Century after the attacks of Alauddin Khilji on Mewad, the Marwari people started taking interest in trade. Till the 16th Century, they primarily accepted the values of Vaishyas. And then in the search for better trade, they started relocating to West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, and Jharkhand. The Marwari is a foresighted community. As per the changing requirements of times, they became skilled warriors, and later, when trade was in demand, they became successful traders too.

The Marwaris started businesses as financiers and money-lenders in India. Seth Mehtab Chand is known as the godfather of the Marwari business. In 1650, in search of new business, he travelled from Nagor to Patna. And started the business of Banking and Finance there.

Apart from financing the common people, he started financing the Nawabs as well. In 1715, Seth Manik Chand was titled ‘Nagar Seth’ by the Mughal king Farooq Shiyaar, In 1723, King Mahmud Shah titled Seth Fateh Chand as ‘Jagat Seth’After Mughals left Bengal, the Marwari community came to Mumbai between 1830 to 1850and settled at Kolkata in 1870.

There they started working as money lenders and trade-brokers. They even funded the Freedom movement then. There is an interesting custom linked to the prosperity of the Marwari community. It is said that in order to bring equality to society, King Argasen had started a custom that is in practice even today.

According to the custom, if there is a needy in the community, then the whole community supports him with one rupee and one brick. This way, the person can build a house from the brick and start a business with money.

By doing this, there is no burden on anyone and the man gets a firm standing in life from their own community.” Padharo Mhare Desh” means “Welcome to our Country“, and “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guest is God.“These slogans by Marwaris show their hospitable nature. Marwaris are a business community.

They have contributed to social welfare, politics, science, and arts apart from being in media and new start-ups. The way the Marwari community has established its identity globally is applaudable. The tasks impossible for others are performed by Marwaris. Due to this, there is a famous saying, “Where even the trains cannot reach, the Marwaris reach.”

Marwari Community - What is the Secret behind Marwari Community's Success?

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