Earth Day 22 April 2022 – Save Earth, Save Life, Make Life Happy.

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You are currently viewing Earth Day 22 April 2022 – Save Earth, Save Life, Make Life Happy.

Earth Day 22 April 2022 – Save Earth, Save Life, Make Life Happy.

The first Earth Day was held in the United States in 1970, since then it has been celebrated internationally in more than 200 countries. The purpose of which is to make people aware of the importance of their land and to make them aware of its conservation. So with small efforts, we can make a big contribution to saving our earth. How? Read this article for this.

Use of reusable cups

Stop using new plastic or paper cups every time you drink tea coffee or water in the office. By doing this you can make a huge contribution to preserving the earth. Bring such a cup from home or market and keep it near the work station in your office which can be washed and used again and drink water or tea in it.

Maximizing the use of recycled bins

You must have seen that blue and green colored garbage cans are kept on the streets. Wet waste, such as fruit peels, tiffin leftovers, tea-coffee, and dry waste, such as paper, napkins, chips-toffee wrappers are thrown in the green-colored box.

If both the waste is used in different ways, then you can give the idea of ​​this arrangement in the office and also keep the household garbage in different bags. This will be a very big initiative in the protection of our earth and atmosphere.

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Responsibility for collecting e-waste

E-waste means electronic waste. Collect electronics items that you are no longer using because of their old or worn out, and give them away for recycling. Every year around 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced all over the world and if it is not disposed of or recycled properly, it can become a big threat in the future.

Use paper sparingly

If possible, avoid using paper in any way for at least a day. A lot of paper is wasted in printouts, so it can be reduced, especially on the occasion of Earth Day. Use notepad on mobile instead of paper to write something.

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