Horror stories related to Japan’s suicide forest – Aokigahara the Sea of Trees

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Horror stories related to Japan's suicide forest - Aokigahara the Sea of Trees

There are many horror stories associated with Japan’s Suicide Forest, yet adventure lovers go there. 

‘Think carefully about your children, your family, and your life, which is a precious gift from your parents.’ 


You’ll find these warning words to read when you enter the Aokigahara Forest of Japan. This forest is also known as a Suicide Forest all over the world. If you have not heard about it before, then let us tell you that this lush green beautiful looking forest is not known for the morning walk but for the horror stories related to it. It is the second most popular suicide place in the world (the first being the Golden Gate). The distance of this forest is less than two hours from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Know about this unfortunate forest…

Location Of The Forest

Suicide Forest is located northwest of Mount Fuji. It is spread over a large area of 35 square km. This forest is so dense that it is also called the ocean of trees. It is common to get lost in this forest, this forest is so dense that it is very difficult to come out from here.

Horror Stories From The Jungle

According to Japanese mythology, the souls of the dead live in this forest. According to official records, about 105 dead bodies have been discovered here since 2003, most of them were badly rotten, some were eaten by animals. The religious people of Japan believe that due to the suicides in this forest, paranormal activities have started taking place here.

The biggest problem is that no modern technology like a compass, mobile phone, etc. works here. Strange directions are shown from the compass, due to which the directions look wrong as well as the signal does not come in the mobile phone as well. The reason for this is that the soil in this area contains Magnetic iron. Therefore, after reaching this forest, it is very difficult to come back.

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Along with this, people also believe that the body of those who commit suicide here should not be lying here. Those working in the forest take these bodies to the police station. People believe that suicide is not good for the person and their soul screams all night and takes away their body from there.

Although this area is naturally very beautiful and hikers and adventure lovers reach Mount Fuji in large numbers. Along with this, people who go to roam in this forest do not go alone and one trick of roaming here is that people keep plastic tapes with them. Remembering the way, we walk by tying plastic tape or ribbon on the trees so that the way can be found. Apart from all this, there are also wonderful trees about 300 years old.

Keep These Things In Mind While Going To The Aokigahara Forest

  • Try not to wander here and there, always make a mark.
  • Never walk alone.
  • Always carry plastic tape or ribbon as a marker.
  • Do not go to the forest at night.

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