Haunted Places in Goa Ghosts Gather in the Light of Day as well as Night

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You are currently viewing Haunted Places in Goa Ghosts Gather in the Light of Day as well as Night

Haunted Places in Goa Ghosts Gather in the Light of Day as well as Night

5 Most Haunted Places In Goa: Goa is very popular for its nightlife, beach parties, seafood, casinos, and water activities. In fact, the real fun of life lies in Goa. People come here and enjoy life to the fullest. While one side of Goa is exciting, the other side is quite scary. Even though it is never night in this city, there are some places here, which look scary even during the day. These places are more horror than the recent horror film Phone Bhoot.

Seeing the big mansion, and scary rooms in the film, your heart must have been shaken once. If you want to experience all this in real life, then definitely visit these places in Goa. It is said that ghosts and spirits wander here not only at night but also during the day. Although it is not yet known whether all this is true or just a rumor, the story of paranormal activity in different places has always been the subject of discussion among people. If you are thinking of going to Goa, then definitely have a spooky experience at these places.

1. Igorchem Bandh 

The most haunted place in Goa is Igorchem Dam. It is a haunted road, which looks scary even in daylight. There is a rumor about this road that if you walk on the road between 2 pm and 3 pm, an evil spirit can take control of you. Many people have seen spirits on this deserted road.

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2. D’Mello House


D’Mello House Goa is one of the scariest places in Santimelo. The history of this haunted place is related to two brothers, who once lived in this house together. Seeing this place, you can definitely remember a horror film. It is believed that two brothers living in this house had killed each other over a property dispute. The house has been vacant since then. People living nearby say that strange sounds come from this house at night.

3. Three Kings Church


Three King Church Casualim is the most feared church in the village. This church has always been in the news for its ghost stories. The church is named after three kings who visited Jesus during his birth in Bethlehem. Some say that it was earlier ruled by Portuguese kings.A king greedy for power killed two kings by giving them poison.

However, when the people came to know about his misdeeds, the people turned against him. Unhappy with his actions, he too took one’s life by consuming poison. Three kings are believed to have been buried under the church and their spirits still roam the village and the church.

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4. Jakni Bandh


Jakni Dam is a temporary bridge between Navelim and Drampur. The name of this place is also included in the list of haunted places in Goa. A traumatic bus accident on this bridge took the lives of many school children. It is said that the cries of children are heard here during the night.

5. The Rodrigues Home


If the windows and doors are suddenly closed, then your breath will get stuck. This is very common in Goa’s The Rodrigues Home. This is a very scary house. It is said that the windows and doors in this mansion open and close automatically. People around have seen things moving here on their own. Surprisingly, here the Rodrigues family still lives with these souls.The haunted places in Goa are not as famous as other tourist places but are enough to give a new experience in Goa.

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