Hill Stations of Bihar – Once You Visit, You’ll Want to Keep Coming Back

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Explore the Scenic Hill Stations of Bihar

Hill Stations of Bihar – Once You Visit, You’ll Want to Keep Coming Back

Hill Stations of Bihar – Once You Visit, You’ll Want to Keep Coming Back: Bihar is known for its large population, and is also home to a number of serene and beautiful destinations worth visiting. While the state boasts many historical attractions, its hill stations are often overlooked. Have you ever heard about these scenic hill stations in Bihar?

Mountains have always been a popular destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. In fact, nature itself is where many people find solace. Fortunately, there are many states in India that offer beautiful mountain destinations.

In this article, we will introduce you to several stunning hill stations in Bihar that also boast soothing valleys. Despite being known for its rich history and cultural significance, Bihar is often overlooked when it comes to scenic destinations. However, as you will soon see, this state is home to the breathtaking natural beauty that is not to be missed.

Ramshila Hill, Gaya, Bihar

Ramshila Hill is one of the top hill stations in Bihar. It is only 5 km from the Vishnupad temples of Gaya. Is located at a distance. One can easily reach here after trekking. People from around come here every weekend to have fun.

The mention of this place is also seen in the Ramayana period. It is believed that Lord Rama did the body of his father Dasharatha at this place. Due to this many devotees also come here to do Pind Daan. The best time to visit Ramshila hill is from October to February.

The Sacred Gurpa Peak: A Place of Historical and Spiritual Significance

Explore the Scenic Hill Stations of Bihar

The Gurpa peak, known locally as Kukkutpadgiri, is situated near the village of Gurpa Nam in Gaya. It is considered a sacred mountain peak and is the perfect place to find relaxation. The Gurpa peak is surrounded by beautiful Hindu temples and Buddhist ruins, adding to its allure.

Its historical importance is also noteworthy as Maha Kashyapa, the successor of Lord Buddha, is said to have meditated on this hill. It is believed that Maha Kashyap is still waiting for the arrival of Buddha, making this a truly spiritual destination.


Explore the Scenic Hill Stations of Bihar

Pragbodhi, also known as Dhungeshwar, is a revered destination in Bihar that draws many visitors every year. Situated near Kiriyama village, Pragbodhi is considered one of the most visited places in Bihar. According to legends, Lord Buddha stayed here before attaining enlightenment. Many ancient stupas can be seen on top of the hill, making it a significant religious site.

The view of Pragbodhi from Gaya city is breathtakingly beautiful. Moreover, Prince Siddhartha performed severe penance here for six years in pursuit of knowledge and even gave up food and water during his meditation.

Pret Shila Mandir

Explore the Scenic Hill Stations of Bihar

Pretshila Hill is situated just 10 km away from Ramshila Hill and offers a breathtaking view of both the city of Gaya and the beautiful Brahma Kund. Atop the hill is a rock that has become a site for performing shradh ceremonies for creatures wandering in Pretyoni who died untimely deaths. It is believed that these ceremonies help the creatures attain freedom.

A historical temple of Ahilya Bai is also located here, showcasing magnificent architectural style. From the hill, visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the lush green meadows and the city of Gaya.

Brahmayoni Hill: A Hill Station Surrounded by Historic Temples and Lush Green Meadows

Explore the Scenic Hill Stations of Bihar

Brahmayoni Hill, located in the Gaya district of Bihar, is a stunning hill station that offers mesmerizing views of the lush green meadows and the Vishnupad Temple. This hill is situated just 1 km southwest of Vishnupad temple. The historical caves located on the Brahmayoni Hills are a sight to behold and will make your day.

The intricate carvings on the stone walls of the caves are sure to fascinate any tourist. It is believed that Buddha gave his fire sermon to 1000 priests here. So, if you are a history buff or simply love nature, Brahmajuni Hill is the perfect destination for you.

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