Tutla Bhawani Waterfall Rohtas – Bisrampur – Explore Bihar 821305 – तुतला भवानी

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Tutla Bhawani Waterfall Rohtas – Bisrampur – Explore Bihar 821305 – तुतला भवानी

Tutla Bhawani Waterfall – तुतला भवानी जलप्रपात

  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 572km Via NH-19.
  • Distance From Kolkata Is Approx. 565km Via NH-19.
  • Google Map: Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

At a distance of 565 km from Kolkata, you can reach Tutla Bhawani Waterfall in just 8 hours for only 600 rupees.

If you want to see the sight of natural beauty, then you must visit the Rohtas district of Bihar once. This is because the infinite grace of nature remains in our district.

Tutla Bhavani Waterfall is in the Rohtas district of Bihar. It is located in the Tilothu block of the Dehri subdivision. It is situated in the lap of the Kaimur mountain range, about 22 km from Dehri on Sone.

Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

The view of Tutla Bhawani Waterfall is so beautiful and enchanting that people come from far and wide to visit and have a picnic here. Apart from enjoying the Tutla Bhavani Falls, people also come from far and wide to see Maa Tutla Bhavani.

Especially during Navratri, long queues of devotees are engaged for the darshan of Maa Tutla Bhavani.

Only and only greenery will be seen around this waterfall. When you move from Tilothu Bazar to the Tutla Bhavani Falls, you will see a view as if the Kaimur mountain range is meeting with the clouds of the sky. This scene is so spectacular that it is difficult to describe it in words.

You will have the most wonderful experience of visiting here during the monsoon because due to the high water at this time, the view of the waterfall fills you with adventure. It would not be wrong to call it the paradise of Rohtas district or the paradise of Bihar state.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of tourists here, it is currently being developed as an eco-tourism place.

HISTORY – Temple of Shaktipeeth Maa Tutla Bhavani is an ancient temple from the 12th century

Maa Tutla Bhawani Temple is very ancient. Many inscriptions are present next to the statue of the goddess, which clearly shows that it was engraved by the local king of that time. There is also proof from the 12th century that the inscription on Maa Jagaddhatri Durga (Maa Tutla Bhavani) is written on 19 April 1158 (the eldest month of Vikram Sawant 1214).

Maa Tutla Bhavani is situated in the green valleys of the Kaimur hills. There is a lot of crowd during Navratri to have darshan of Mata. Till some time ago, there was no facility for the devotees, and had to go through the rocky road for darshan, but now a Jhoola bridge has been constructed for the devotees.

Through this you can reach the temple very easily for the darshan of the goddess. This suspension bridge is very attractive and there is a different feeling of seeing the waterfall and green valleys around this bridge.

To reach Maa Tutla Bhavani temple complex, you will have to walk about one and a half kilometers from the car parking, but this path is quite thrilling and you will not even feel this fatigue due to the grace of the goddess.

However, now you can also enjoy the convenience of an e-rickshaw.

Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

How to reach Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

The nearest railway station to Tutla Bhavani Waterfall is Dehri On Sone. Dehri On Sone Railway Station is on the New Delhi-Howrah Grand Chord rail line, you can easily reach here from major cities of the country.

Dehri to Tutla Bhawani Distance:- There is a bus stand exactly 20 steps away from Dehri at Sone railway station. From here you will easily get a bus or auto to Tilothu.

If you want to reach Tutla Bhavani Waterfall via road then you have to reach Dehri on Sone from Kolkata-New Delhi National Highway NH-19 (old name NH-2). This National Highway passes through the city of Dehri on Sone. After reaching there you will have to change National Highway.

From here you have to travel via Dehri-Yadunathpur National Highway NH-119 then you will reach Tilothu’s main market after traveling about 20 km. From here you will get to see the signboard of Tutla Bhavani Waterfall so that you will reach your destination while traveling in the right direction.

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