Google Bard AI – Is SEO Dead Again

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Google Bard AI - Is SEO Dead Again

Google Bard AI – Is SEO Dead Again

Google Bard AI – Is SEO Dead Again: Hey, in this article I’m going to tell you about Google Bard AI, so before we jump in, make sure you read the full article because I’m gonna be publishing a lot of information in the article.

So this isn’t going to be like a lot of the other articles you’ve probably read about how to learn SEO because I’m not gonna focus on the definitions of things. I’m not gonna tell you what backlinks are or what keyword research is.

You can find all that stuff in my previous article 7 Tips on How To Write SEO-Optimized Content, and it’s totally available for free online, so I’m not gonna get into that because the truth is anyone can find information, but if it was as easy as just getting more information, more people would be successful at SEO.

So what makes the difference between people who succeed in SEO and people who don’t succeed in SEO?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this article, so let’s talk about how you can learn SEO the right way, so back in 2018 I started my very first website, and it was an absolute ghost town.

It had no traffic for months and months and months, and no matter what I did I just couldn’t get more traffic, and that’s when I finally stopped trying to figure it all out on my own, and I started to do a little more research, and then that is when I discovered SEO, and so I immediately started taking action on everything that I was learning, and then, within a few short months.

To grow my traffic substantially, and I even made my very first affiliate sale, so that was a huge thing for me because all, at the time, I was really trying to do was just make enough money to be able to pay my bills in the future, and then I would be happy, and it’s amazing what it turned into, but ever since I used SEO to grow that website.

Got absolutely obsessed with it, and so I started creating website after website because I really just wanted to get better at SEO.

Actually wasn’t too concerned about making a ton of money. I just wanted to get better at SEO because I knew if I can consistently rank websites on the first page of Google.

I was able to drive organic search traffic to any website that I wanted, that would be an extremely valuable skill, and then, in the future, I could take that skill and start to sell it to businesses or use it to grow my own company.

So I knew, at that time, I really needed to focus on learning how to do it the right way, so in this article, I’m going to tell you that, now only Seo is not necessary because now the AI era has started. 

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After Chat GPT Google Is Also Bringing Its AI system. So let’s understand What is Google Bard in this article.

Google Announced Code Red

On 5th February, Google announced Code Red in its internal management why was Code Red? Because of chat GPT Where it took Google a year to reach 1 million users.

There, chat GPT is taking a day to reach 13 million users And 2 months, to 100 million users. So obviously Google thought that this will not work. They announced their Code Red And during that they announced their AI system Which was BARD.

What is this BARD? How does BARD work? How can we use it? And why are there so many conspiracy theories about Lambda? And will it be an alternative to chat GPT?

The story started when Microsoft started backing chat GPT And Google’s biggest competitor is Microsoft at this time if Microsoft has the power of AI which is Open AI And people are saying that Open AI will disrupt Google.

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai have announced Google’s new AI chatbot service, Google Bard. This experimental conversational AI service is currently released for user feedback. The company says that it will be released publicly after testing in the coming weeks.

Actually, Google is bringing its Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool Bard to compete with ChatGPT. So what is Bard and why has Google suddenly decided to announce this new technology? Let us try to understand what is Bard, how it will work, and how it is different from ChatGPT.

What is Google Bard?

Bard is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot service from Google, built using LaMDA technology. It’s what CEO Pichai calls an “experimental conversational AI service” and Google will open it up to testers in the coming weeks and eventually be more widely available to the public. Bard is based on LaMDA and Google’s own Conversational AI chatbot.

How will the Bard work?

If you’re wondering how to sign up for it right now, keep in mind that Bard hasn’t been released for public use at the moment. The company says that the testing times will be released in the coming few weeks.

The company says that they have been working on Bard for the past two years and it is in testing. It will be released very soon. Let us know that the company is also organizing an AI event on February 8, where more information and confirmation about Bard have been revealed.

How is Google Bard different from ChatGPT?

Google’s new Bard has been brought into the competition of ChatGPT. But both these AI tools have a lot of differences along with similarities. Actually, the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT answers questions based on pre-existing data, while Google is going to operate its AI chatbot with the language model and dialogue application ie LaMDA.

That is, Bard can give more accurate answers. Also, Google says that Bard will be equipped with a combination of the power, intelligence, and creativity of large language models. Not only this, Bard is being developed in such a way that this tool will gain knowledge based on user feedback and information available on the internet.

Will Google Search Engine Shut Down?

The answer is no. Currently, Google provides links to other websites to answer people’s questions.

With the help of new AI tools, Google is going to provide users with answers equipped with a combination of intelligence and creativity.

For this, the company is also going to use LaMDA. That is, the Google search engine is not going to be shut down, rather the company can update the AI chatbot with its search engine.

What does bard mean?

Bard means poet. A tribal poet-singer is skilled in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds.

Google has also developed its AI chatbot to give accurate answers to the questions of users and it has been named Bard.

What was the controversy in 2022 regarding Lambda?

In 2022, there was an uproar about Lambda when Blake Lemoine, a Google developer, claimed that the chatbot he had created was as sentient as humans. The engineer who developed it claimed that it has started thinking like humans.

LaMDA has also been subject to fear that the engineer who developed it may one day shut it down, although Google later suspended Blake Lemoine and dismissed the claim. Let us inform you that it was Blake Lemoine who leaked the chat with the chatbot.

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