Apple Watch Saved The Life Of a Pregnant Woman

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Apple Watch Saved The Life Of a Pregnant Woman

Apple Watch Saved The Life Of a Pregnant Woman: Sometimes gadgets also play an important role in saving lives and there are frequent reports that smartwatches have saved lives.

The news of saving lives due to the Apple Watch keeps coming. Many features have been given in Apple Watch, due to which the user’s heart rate increases, falling on the ground or other situations is known.

Now according to a report, Apple Watch has saved the life of a pregnant woman. It has been told in a report that Jesse Kelly, a resident of America, has thanked Apple Watch for saving his and his daughter’s life.

120 Beats Per Minute Alert

According to a report, Apple Watch alerted the woman about Abnormal Heart Rate. At first, Jesse Kelly ignored the alerts he received from Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch was constantly giving alerts to the woman for increasing her heart rate by more than 120 beats a minute, even when she was not doing any physical activity. But, after the continuous alerts of the smartwatch, the woman felt something was wrong.

The smartwatch was continuously giving warnings to the woman. After this, he decided to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she was told that she was in labor and was experiencing a pregnancy complication known as placental abruption.

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Built-in Optical Heart Rate Sensor in Apple Watch

His blood pressure was falling and his blood was also reducing. Because of Apple Watch, she was able to reach the hospital at the right time. Jesse Kelly gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Shelby Marie.

He also asked people to pay attention to Apple Watch alerts. Let us tell you that a built-in optical heart rate sensor has been given on Apple Watch. Due to this, the measurement of heart rate is done throughout the day, especially when you are working out. Apart from this, many health-related features have been given in Apple Watch.

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