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Explore the best places to visit in Mayurbhanj, Odisha:

Places To Visit In Mayurbhanj: Sitting at the center of the Eastern Indian state of Odisha, Mayurbhanj is surrounded by Balasore district in the east, Keonjhar and Jajpur districts in the west, Bhubaneswar district in the south, and Dhenkanal district in the north.

Mayurbhanj covers an area of approximately 6120 square kilometers, which makes it one of the largest districts in Odisha. The topography consists mostly of undulating land with some hills along its western boundary while some parts are densely forested.

Mayurbhanj is one of Odisha’s best-kept secrets, though the place is slowly getting the recognition it deserves as more people realize its potential and the slew of interesting experiences it offers.

The district in Odisha, one of the state’s largest, hosts a number of places worth exploring – lush vegetation, the densely-forested Simlipal National Park, and the magnificent Belgadia Palace, home to the erstwhile royal family of Mayurbhanj.

The place is not to be missed if you are looking for some downtime or need some greenery at any cost.

Mayurbhanj is teeming with vibrant green rice fields. Alongside these are gushing waterfalls! But they’re not all—there are many other eye-opening sights awaiting the person interested in local arts and crafts.

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Where do you want to go or what you can do in Mayurbhanj?

Mayurbhanj is one of India’s most unexplored states. The district is not well-connected by road and rail; there are just a few flights that can take you to important towns like Baripada and Balasore. If you’re looking for a break from your daily routine and a great adventure, head to one of these exotic locations within Mayurbhanj that will make your trip worth it.

Visit these pretty waterfalls while you can!
Sit at the foot of swift waterfalls and enjoy the view. The breathtaking two-tiered Barehipani Waterfall is the second highest in India. The stunning Joranda and Uski waterfalls and many unexplored waterfalls like Machakandana Waterfall or Chaulabhaja Waterfall are also must-visits.

One of Mayurbhanj’s most well-known attractions is Belgadia Palace – a luxury resort located amidst natural beauty. Machakandana Waterfall is yet another place you can plan your trip around. In fact, there are numerous waterfalls in and around Simlipal National Park, which are worth visiting if you want a break from wildlife watching. Whether it’s wildlife or waterfalls, there is nothing quite like sightseeing while on holiday – unless it’s done on horseback!

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Where can you stay?

While there are many options available when it comes to accommodations, Belgadia Palace is by far one of the finest. With a great location and excellent service, it’s perfect for families or groups of friends. This place has several accommodation types including cottages, garden rooms, and deluxe rooms which are all quite luxurious and come with their own private balconies. There’s also a swimming pool which makes it an ideal getaway, especially during summer.

What can you do there?

Mayurbhanj is one of India’s most enchanting regions. Located in a valley cradled by lush green hills and dense forests, it is home to many ancient and unexplored waterfalls (Machakandana), tiger reserves (Simlipal), and palaces – remnants of its glorious past. Discover its ‘hidden treasures with our must-visit guide.

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How do you get there?

The district is well connected by roads. National Highway 5, which connects Hyderabad and Kolkata, passes through Rourkela. There are regular bus services on a daily basis from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack (Odisha) to Rourkela. Another major highway NH-43 starts at Rourkela and ends at Baharagora (Jharkhand). The nearest railway station is at Jharsuguda which comes under the East Coast Railway Zone of Indian Railways.

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