Jashn-e-Nowruz 20th March Google Doodle

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Jashn-e-Nowruz 20th March Google Doodle

Recently Google made a doodle on Nowruz. Actually, Nowruz is the festival of the Persian New Year. Nowruz means ‘new day in the Persian language. This festival is mainly celebrated in Central and Western Asia. This time, the festival is being celebrated on 20th March.

Significantly, this festival is about 3000 years old. This festival is celebrated on the arrival of the spring season.

What is Nowruz?

It is the Iranian New Year also known as the Persian New Year. The new year begins on the spring equinox or March equinox which is marked as the first day of Farvardin.

Farvardin is the first month of the Iranian solar calendar. This day is celebrated by many groups across the world. The origin of Nauroz is Iranian and Zoroastrian culture.

But the festival has been celebrated by various communities in Central Asia, Western Asia, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and South Asia for over 3,000 years. Nowruz’s time in Iran is based on the Solar Hijri Algorithmic Calendar.

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