Top 5 Destinations for Saree Shopping in Kolkata

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Top 5 Destinations for Saree Shopping in Kolkata

Top 5 Destinations for Saree Shopping in Kolkata

Top 5 Destinations for Saree Shopping in Kolkata: Bengal is renowned for its exquisite handwoven sarees, ranging from the lightweight Tangail and Dhaniakhali cotton to the intricate Jamdanis, Kantha, Baluchari, and Murshidabad silks. Handloom, also referred to as Tant in Bengal, is among the most opulent textile hand-weaving traditions in India. Saree weaving was initially recorded in Shantipur in the 15th century, and this village in Nadia district continues to attract visitors every year before Durga Puja who are keen to purchase sarees directly from the weavers.

Bengal is a hub for a wide range of sarees, and to help you choose, here are some types to become familiar with before you go shopping. The Tangail saree, named after the Tangail district in present-day Bangladesh, is celebrated for its fine weave with extra-weft buits and small, repeated motifs. In Bengal, the saree is produced in various locations, including Shantipur, Dhaniakhali, Bagampur, and Farasdanga. The Dhaniakhali saree, named after the town of Dhaniakhali in the Hooghly district, was traditionally woven in ‘kora’ or natural grey, with a border in red or black.

The weaving centers are situated in Haripal, Rajbalhat Rasidpur, Dwarhata, Ramnagar, Gurap, and Antpur areas of the Hooghly district. This saree has experienced a resurgence in popularity as it has been the preferred choice of the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee. The Baluchari saree, a luxurious one, features depictions of mythological scenes on the pallu and is primarily produced in Murshidabad. The Baluchari saree has been granted the status of a geographical indication in India.

If you’re looking to add handloom sarees made by Bengal craftspersons to your wardrobe, here are five places in Kolkata where you can find them.

Biswa Bangla

Biswa Bangla is a chain of handloom stores that offers a diverse range of handloom sarees. These stores can be found in several locations, including Park Street and Dakshinapan. The initiative is managed by the state government and frequently collaborates with Kolkata artists and designers to create their products.

Location: Biswa Bangla stores can be found in various places, such as the Dakshinapan complex in Dhakuria and Park Street.


Byloom, situated in the Hindustan Park area of South Kolkata, is a boutique that offers a range of rich handloom and handicraft products. They collaborate with weavers in Bengal to produce their signature handloom sarees, including the renowned Abir saris. While you’re there, be sure to indulge in some Bengali snacks with Darjeeling tea at the Byloom Canteen.

Location: Byloom is located at 58b, Hindustan Park Rd, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029.


Ananda, located on Russell Street, is one of Kolkata’s oldest and most popular saree stores. They stand out for having their own hand-block print units, which make their sarees unique. Among their clientele are prominent figures such as former prime minister Indira Gandhi and yesteryear actress Nargis. They offer a variety of exquisite cotton weaves like tangails, printed silks, and dhaniakhali sarees.

Location: Ground Floor, Queen’s Mansion, 13, Russell St, opposite The Bengal Club, in the Park Street area of Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

Balaram Saha and RMCG Basak

Generations of women in Kolkata would swear by these saree shops in Gariahat which date back many decades. With several floors dedicated to specific kinds of sarees, you will find everything under one roof.

Location: Gariahat and Rashbehari Avenue

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