Top 5 Places To Visit In Kharagpur And Nearby Kharagpur – City Of IITians

Top 5 Places To Visit In Kharagpur And Nearby Kharagpur – City Of IITians

Top 5 Places To Visit In Kharagpur And Nearby Kharagpur – City Of IITians

Top 5 Places To Visit In Kharagpur And Nearby Kharagpur – City Of IITians: Kharagpur, being one of the most important cities in the state of West Bengal is surrounded by many famous tourist destinations. Tourists from different parts of the country come to Kharagpur as it is one of the best places to visit in India and there are many places that attract tourists from across the country.

If you are thinking about visiting Kharagpur, you must visit these five places before leaving the city! These are some of the most popular places to visit in Kharagpur, apart from these there are many other attractions worth visiting in Kharagpur and its surrounding areas.

Hijli Eco Park

The Hijli Eco Park is one of the famous natural eco-parks located at a distance of 12 km from the center of the city of Kharagpur, close to the world-famous Indian Institute of Technology. The eco-park is located just a kilometer away from the Prem Bazar gate.

The park has enchanting pathways with tall trees providing a canopy from both sides. The eco-park also has a small nursery to take care of the plantlets. The large mango trees are famous among the people and they even forsake benches in order to enjoy sitting under them. Locals and IITians alike are often found enjoying the nature and green escape provided by the park, an effective shield against the ills of the metropolitan city. And an ideal destination in winter.

The main attraction of the eco-park is the Deer Park in a protected environment giving them a feel of the natural habitat. A visit during the evening might be a good idea as to it’s their feeding time, during which they come close to the wire fences. Small swing sets are scattered across the park for children to enjoy. Not only would this provide a delightful view of these creatures, but it would also help one avoid the afternoon time, during which the crowds tend to be the most.

The park is also home to many birds and visitors can enjoy the glorious sunsets with the flocking bird and the vivid atmosphere of the park. Winter is the best time to visit the park. The park is open all days of the week except for Monday. The park is open to visitors during timings 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The entry fee is Rs 5 per head, and parking requires an extra payment of Rs 25.

Jagannath Mahadev Temple

Jagannath Mahadev Temple a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as the name suggests is an amazing temple located at a distance of approximately 10 km away from Kharagpur city center next to the famous puja mall.

Jagannath Mahadev Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is one of the oldest temples in Midnapore. The temple has beautiful architecture with intricate carvings made of concrete. Devotees have to climb a flight of stairs to reach the sanctum of the temple. The aura in the temple is beyond words and the devotees would flock in during festivals to get a glimpse of the Lord.


The temple was built by an organization that runs activities that benefit the poor. The interior of this temple is covered with intricate beautiful designs. Many deities apart from Lord Shiva are worshipped at this temple. Parrots are another attraction of the temple they reside in the services of the temple and is a delight to watch them flocking around.

Nehru Museum of Science and Technology

Nehru Museum of Science and Technology is a museum located at the IIT Kharagpur campus at a distance of approximately 13 km away from Kharagpur City. The museum is an imposing building, bearing resemblance to the Byzantine style of architecture

The museum was established in the infamous Hijli Detention Camp of the pre-Independence era, with an aim to present developments in diverse areas of science and technology through models and images. Hijli Detention camp building is now named Hijli Saheed Bhavan and it houses the Nehru Museum of Science & Technology and is managed by IIT Kharagpur.


Many functions are organized like exhibitions of scientific and technical models and gadgets, creative arts and crafts, etc, for the education of the common mass. Famous IIT professors are often seen giving lectures at this place and the museum provides an opportunity for young minds at the school and college levels to learn and rediscover scientific principles by performing experiments.

Hijli Martyrs Day on the 16th of September, National Science Day on the 28th of February, and organizations of science exhibitions are the main events organized in this museum.

Nehru Museum of Science and Technology is a transformation factor for the people living in Kharagpur. Organization of the Inter Hall Model making competition among the students of IIT Kharagpur, and designing and developing multimedia CD presentations on the diverse field of science & technology for the school children are some of its other activities. There are no entry fees.

The Museum is open to visitors throughout the year during timings 9. 30 AM to 12. 30 PM and then from 3. 00 PM to 6. 30 PM. Museum remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and on all Institute Holidays.

Kurumbera Fort

Kurumbera Fort is situated in Gaganeshwar village at a distance of approximately 36 km away from Kharagpur city. Kurumbera Fort is embodied with scenic beauty and was built around 1438 to 1469 during the rule of Surya Vamsi king of Odisha Gajapati Kapilendra Dev.

Kurumbera Fort is one of the most undiscovered forts in West Bengal. The architecture of this fort is a fusion of Odisha and Mughal architecture and is preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. Major rooftops are decorated with engraved flowers. There is a huge courtyard ringed by a pillared corridor and in the middle, there are three spherical domes. There is an authentic kind of altar in the middle of this fort.


Folk legends also believe that the fort was built on a single night, when Ram and Sita visited the place, during their Vanvas. Thus, many festivals are celebrated in this fort. The walls of the fort are 10ft in height and an altar with more than 60 pillars. The Shiva Temple is one of the most important attractions of the fort which was built in the 13th century. There is also an ancient mosque built by Muhammad Tahir during Aurangzeb’s period in the year 1691.

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The best time to visit Kurumbera Fort is during the months of October to February. Other tourist destinations in the vicinity of Kurumbera fort are Sarbamangala Mandir and Bhasara Ghat along the Subarnarekha river.

Fort is open to visitors during timings 9 AM to 7 PM. Variations in timings are observed according to different seasons. This place is secluded and the weather makes it a perfect place for a weekend visit.

Pratyusha Park

A lovely place just 25 km away from IIT Kharagpur. Not only for sightseeing, but the park has also enhanced the culture and economy of rural Bengal. The various projects under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Project have been decorated with flowering trees and green grass.


Going inside a little in the Park, you will find the Aquarium House, in which many types of fish are kept in the aquarium. And if you like boating then you can also go boating here. But according to my experience boating is not safe because these people will not give you a life jacket. 

There is also a facility of toilets inside the park and a small café is also available in which you can eat or drink something. There is a small garden for children in which effigies of many cartoon characters are made.

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