WhatsApp’s Upcoming ‘Channels’ Feature – A Game-Changer for Broadcasting Information

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WhatsApp's Upcoming

WhatsApp’s Upcoming ‘Channels’ Feature – A Game-Changer for Broadcasting Information

WhatsApp’s Upcoming ‘Channels’ Feature – A Game-Changer for Broadcasting Information: According to recent reports, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is working on a new feature called “channels” that will enable iOS users to broadcast information through private channels. The new one-to-many tool will be integrated into the Status tab, which is reportedly set to be renamed “Updates” to accommodate channels.

WhatsApp channels will provide a private platform in which phone numbers and user information will remain confidential. Although messages sent within a channel will not be end-to-end encrypted, this is deemed acceptable since the concept of one-to-many does not require end-to-end encryption. It is worth noting that channels are intended to be an optional extension of private messaging and not a pivot to a public social network. As such, users can choose which channels to follow, and no one else can see which channels they follow, regardless of whether they have added them as contacts or not.

The upcoming channels feature on WhatsApp will reportedly allow users to search for a specific channel by entering its username or handle on the app, thus increasing accessibility to channels and making it easier for users to receive updates from the channels they follow. According to the report, this feature is intended to enhance the user experience.

The channels feature is still in the development phase, and users can expect to see it in a future update of the app.

Additionally, WhatsApp has recently introduced a new ‘Keep in Chat’ feature, which allows users in a disappearing message thread to save specific messages by long-pressing them. This feature has been dubbed the “sender superpower” and is at the discretion of the sender to allow others in the chat to keep certain messages for later.

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