Is It Easy to Acquire a UK Skilled Worker Visa

Is It Easy to Acquire a UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Is It Easy to Acquire a UK Skilled Worker Visa

Is It Easy to Acquire a UK Skilled Worker Visa: If you’re looking for a country to move to for work, the UK should definitely be one of your options. With a minimum hourly wage of £8 to £10 and an annual salary of at least £20,000, what else are you looking for?

Not to mention, the environment will also be relatively easier to adapt to because there are no language barriers.

However, working in the UK, or any country at that, is easier said than done. You must go through due immigration, prepare documents, and pay fees. Before these all get overwhelming, let us walk you through the first thing you need to do: apply for a working visa.

Is it easy to acquire a UK Skilled Worker Visa? What processes will you need to go through? Let’s find out in this article.

What is a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK?

In the simplest sense, the UK Skilled Worker Visa is a visa type reserved for those who plan on working in the UK. This covers certain job scopes, including but not limited to IT specialists, architects and engineers, chefs, programmers, and others that require special training and expertise.

The good thing about having a Skilled Worker Visa is that your tasks and opportunities aren’t limited to just working. You can also study, participate in volunteer work, get a second job or any additional work, join in on overseas company activities, and even act as a sponsor for dependents. You can even apply for a Settlement Visa later on in your stay as a worker.

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How Long is a UK Skilled Worker Visa Valid For?

The maximum validity period of a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK comes up to five (5) years. You can be issued a shorter validity period if you apply for a short-term worker visa, but you should expect the average timeframe to reach five years.

Keep in mind that once the five-year validity is over, your visa is not considered expired, and you need to extend it if you want to stay in the UK longer. You can also switch to another visa type depending on your current status. Just note that there are new requirements to comply with, as well as another application process to go through if you plan on either extending or switching immigrant status.

What are the Requirements of a Skilled Worker Visa?

In a nutshell, here are the requirements to be qualified for a Skilled Worker Visa:

  • You should have a valid job offer from a UK-based employer.
  • Your employer should be an approved sponsor in the state. If they are not, then they have to apply for one before they can acquire a visa.
  • The job title that you’re offered should be on the list of valid occupations under Skilled Workers. You can go to this link for the list.
  • The offered salary requirement should at least be the minimum going rate of the field you’re in.
  • You should be able to pay the necessary fees, specifically the application fee and health surcharge.
  • You should have a certain amount of savings to ensure that you can financially support yourself in the UK.

Keep in mind that some immigrants may have either more or fewer requirements. This will vary from one immigration case to another.

Tips on How to Make It Easy to Acquire a UK Skilled Worker Visa

It’s a given that the whole process of acquiring a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK is time-consuming. To make the process easier, here are some tips that you should consider doing:

  • Work with a professional immigration lawyer. They will be able to help you with everything that you need to process and apply for.
  • Read up on the necessary requirements and processes in advance.
  • Create a checklist consisting of everything you need to do for your application.
  • Prepare for the interview by looking up questions online.
  • Schedule your tasks. Allot certain dates for certain tasks, so you won’t have to get overwhelmed during the process.

Of course, don’t forget to keep in touch with your employer throughout the process. You will need to update them, and occasionally get details from them for interviews and assessments.


You see, like any other visa type and immigration process, it will be hard to get a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK. There are lots of requirements, and you will need to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that everything goes well.

The tremendous work shouldn’t stop you from applying for a visa, though. You can take some steps to make the process a lot easier and more convenient.

One of the best ones includes working with London immigration lawyers. They are professionals who can advise on what steps to take and do all the legal work for you. This means that you’ll have more time on your hands, which you can use to prepare for interviews and immigration assessments.

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