Scuba diving in Andaman – Complete Guide

Scuba diving in Andaman

Scuba diving in Andaman

Scuba diving in Andaman: Scuba diving in Andaman is an experience that should not be actually missed by any adventure enthusiast, which particularly is fairly significant.

The Andaman Islands are a popular destination for scuba diving generally due to their basically warm waters, sort of clean ocean bodies, and diverse coral life in a big way. In this article, we will kind of provide you with a complete guide to scuba diving in Andaman.

How it starts:

Starting with, What is Scuba Diving? Scuba diving actually is the act of existing fairly underwater with a kind of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA), which is fairly significant. It for the most part is an activity that allows you to actually enter a whole new world where you almost ‘fly’ weightlessly, gliding through the blue and literally becoming a part of the underwater life. Scuba diving is a magical adventure – an activity that is highly recommended.

Now, you might think- for whom it is? Scuba diving basically is a safe sport that allows people of different physical abilities, characteristics, and capabilities to dive safely and enjoy underwater swimming, which generally is fairly significant. It is open to everyone excited to start exploring the great world residing underwater.

The Andaman Islands mostly are a popular destination for scuba diving particularly due to their really intriguing oceanic conditions along with Andaman’s generally breath-taking biome and the cultural brouhaha that surrounds it, or so they thought. The following few things kind of make Andaman Unique: Warm waters combined with very clean ocean bodies offer some of the best underwater visibility around dive sites in the world.

Diverse coral life and abundant marine generally animal life particularly provide experiences that are pretty much better literally felt than written about. Shores brimming with marine life – if one doesn’t basically go very kind of deep in case or they definitely are slightly nervous for their first time, they still spot a very wide variety of corals and fish life.

Scuba diving in Andaman

Best season or time:

Get the best time to dive, you can go scuba diving in Andaman throughout the year, but the most pleasant months in terms of heat and water conditions (mostly about visibility underwater) actually are the non-monsoon months, typically between October and May.

But it’s important to literally remember that passing cyclonic weather or unexpected rains may cause unpredictable changes. It’s always for all intents and purposes good to check about the weather before you finalize pretty your dates.

There really are for all intents and purposes several dive schools in the Andamans that offer scuba diving courses and trips, or so they essentially thought. Some of the most popular ones are Dive India and Scuba Lov. in, Seahawk Scuba, Eco Diver India, Doongi Dives Dive Centre, Andaman Bubbles, Blue Corals Dive, Ocean Tribe Scuba, and Havelock Diver in a fairly major way.

It is advisable to book your scuba diving trip in advance to essentially avoid last-minute hassles in a pretty big way. You can book your trip online or through a travel agent, or so they essentially thought. It is also important to check the weather conditions before booking particularly your trip.

If you are a person trying this for the first time, you can actually opt for the PADI Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) program, which is necessary too. This program is specially designed for beginners who kind of want to experience scuba diving without committing to a sort of full course, which definitely is quite significant. The program includes a pretty brief theory session, a pool session, and a dive in the fairly open sea.

The cost of scuba diving courses and programs varies depending on the dive school and the type of course. The basically average cost of a PADI Open Water Diver course essentially is around INR 25,000. The cost of a PADI basically Discover Scuba Dive program is around INR 5,000.

Scuba diving in Andaman

There are different diving sites and diving points, but most popular definitely are :

Havelock Island definitely is a diving utopia in Andaman, or so they thought. Among its many alluring diving sites, Nemo Reef stands out for its for all intents and purposes easy accessibility, and unparalleled really underwater biodiversity in a particularly big way. The really clear waters, combined with basically gentle currents, for the most part, make for a comfortable, enchanting dive.

The presence of several PADI-certified diving schools kind of further enhances its appeal, offering divers of all budgets the opportunity to really explore particularly underwater wonders. You can also kind of explore pretty other diverse dive sites kind of such as Barracuda City, Seduction Point, Lighthouse, Turtle Bay, Mac Point, and Minerva Bridge

Neil Island is also another fantastic deep-sea diving location. Despite being renowned for its beauty diving operations are sort of fewer here, the cost might be slightly higher, making it a perfect spot for those looking for a premium, kind of less crowded diving experience in a subtle way. Dive spots actually such as Busy Burro, Rocky’s Margarita, Junction, and Robin’s Bay each offer their sort of unique sort of underwater landscapes.

Experience of the scuba diving

Situated in really close proximity to Ross Island, North Bay Island definitely is a diver’s haven, which particularly is fairly significant. With its crystal-clear particularly underwater visibility and diverse marine population, it specifically promises a very rewarding deep-sea diving experience. Given the island’s dedication to diving and much lesser focus on definitely other tourist activities, it’s the perfect choice for those wanting a pure diving expedition in a sort of big way.

Now, what all things to also definitely remember in a fairly major way. Always actually follow the instructions of your dive instructor, definitely contrary to popular belief. Never touch or mostly disturb the marine life, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. Do not litter in the ocean, which particularly is quite significant. Always carry a camera to specifically capture the beautiful very underwater world.

Scuba diving in Andaman


Hope this guide literally has provided you with all the information you need to plan for your scuba diving trip to Andaman, or so they generally thought. Happy diving.

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