IIT Delhi Student Designed Solar Panel Electric Van

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Rishabh, a student studying at IIT Delhi, Gurugram, has made an electric van that runs with the help of solar energy. This van is specially designed keeping in mind such areas as Manali, Shimla, Goa, etc. In places where electricity is not available everywhere, this van proves to be very helpful.

Rishabh is studying Software Engineering at IIT Delhi and is very fond of traveling as well. So he bought his own traveling van but when he used to go to the hill station, he did not get any special facility for laptop charging, music system, fan, and running lights.


Rishabh knew the benefits of solar energy, so he decided why not install solar panels and operate the equipment inside the Traveler One. But they did not know which solar panel, how many watts solar panel, which battery, how many watts would it be right to install with the inverter, and who would install it and how?

Rishabh directly contacted Loom Solar to know the complete details of solar panels, due to which he was able to easily install the solar system according to the size and equipment of the roof of his van. Understanding Rishav’s solar needs, Loom Solar provided Rishav with two mono solar panels of 180 watts each, a 1000 watt-hour lithium battery, and a 1 kW solar inverter. For the installation of solar panels, a traveler van was placed in the workshop where both the fabricator and the solar installer together installed a panel stand. During installation, the roof of the van was tightened by making an iron frame for the solar panel, so that the solar panels did not fall on the high and low roads. The wiring of the solar panel and inverter battery is done in such a way that the beauty of the traveler van remains.

Now, this van is equipped with power sockets from which a laptop, mobile charging, mini-refrigerator, music system, light, fan, coffee machine, and the water pump can be operated easily. Now whenever Rishab goes for a walk, he never feels the lack of electricity.

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It cost about 60 thousand to install this solar system. Due to this today, Rishabh is doing studies and part-time income along with traveling.


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