How to Make Travel Videos for Youtube a Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Create Travel Videos for Youtube

How to Make Travel Videos for Youtube a Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make Travel Videos for Youtube a Step-by-Step Guide: For Beginners, it is a common question about how to make travel videos for youtube. My life has changed completely but it wasn’t like that always you know I used to dream a lot about how I can travel full-time and live my passion every single day. So one day I picked up the mobile camera and started working on my ideas I didn’t realize but my dream became my reality.

The Story:

Today we will be talking about what goes behind creating these travel videos you know the idea the execution everything you always get to see the final outcome. The final video but you don’t know how we create it so that’s what I’ll be talking about in this article.

So let’s start the first thing that I want to talk about is the story because nothing is more important than telling a story you know we always want to hear stories right you must have noticed that when somebody tells your story you try to visualize all of the scenes in your mind and that’s how you’re able to relate it so through these trial videos we try to tell a story and we add our own natural flavor to it and at the same time you get to visit the places the people the culture right.

Trip To Kedarnath:

So I want to talk about my trip to Kedarnath you know I was about to go on a 15 days trip to Kedarnath and I didn’t know anything about it I just heard about how different that place looks from ours so I had to plan a lot about it.

how I’m going to tell a story and I started researching about all of the places I wanted to visit because when I will actually be there I will be able to communicate better I’ll be able to tell a better story like for example read about the most special thing about that place, read about the people culture and history, every place has a beautiful history and then you should read about it and then think about all the talking points and make a rough outline about it but your video will not exactly look like how you have written it because you want to fill your natural emotions.

what you are feeling at that place so ultimately what I wanted to say is that when you read about the places before going there and when you are actually there you make a connection and you appreciate it better and then you are able to tell in a better way so whenever trying to make a trial video do research and write about that place because when you write your mind becomes creative and you get best ideas that how you wanna execute it and that’s really important because you get to tell a better story.

Things To Carry Before You Travel:

Now the next part is things to carry before you travel basically what I’m saying is which camera cares to carry when you go out and travel so when I’m traveling I like to keep my camera bag really lightweight and carry only minimum stuff which I need for the shoot so I use GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera which allows me to shoot in the 4k and it gives me really wide perspective when I’m vlogging when I’m talking to the camera and I have another person with me like it allows the two people to be in one frame comfortably along with the view.

I can shoot almost everything and also carry one Dji Mavic Drone as well just to get the wide landscapes to kind of different perspective you know the aerial view of that place so that you will feel like what this place looks like and also carrying one laptop which is very lightweight and still allows me to add it in the 4k.

I’m using an Asus laptop which has a high-performance AMD processor which has eight core CPU you know when you are editing in the software like I use premiere pro most of the time your computer will use the CPU, not the GPU because the GPU will only be used when you’re exporting the video or when using some kind of effects most of the time your CPU needs to be very powerful while you are editing so that you will be able to add it comfortably in the 4k so this AMD ryzen 5000 series processor helped me out in editing very smoothly without any interruption.

So now the interesting part starts you have packed your bag you have your story with you now it’s time to travel now it’s time to go out and shoot your experiences now talking about shooting experiences.

How To Shoot Your Video:

The next part is how to shoot your videos in this the first thing that you should remember is never missing a sunset or sunrise because that’s the time when you will get the most beautiful colorful light and your visuals will look just amazing with this perfect light and I’m talking about the colors nowadays all of the professionals shoot in log format like all of the movies nowadays everything most of the people are shooting in the log formula because that’s how you will get the most dynamic range in the video means your video will look colorful beautiful because of the log format because when you color grade your highlights and the shadows will look just perfect.

Different Type Of Shots:

The next thing to know is always take different types of shots for example when you want to emphasize something take a close-upshot because that’s how you’ll get the real emotions and the real feeling of the people or maybe when you want to show the place take a wide angle shot or maybe take few shots with the drone so that you’ll have different options while editing and shoot that part was talking to the local people because that’s how you get the most authentic information and whoever is going to watch the video will feel more connected to that place and also take a variety of shots and it completely depends on person to person.

Let me tell you what I’m saying, for example, some people like to shoot on a tripod some people like to use handheld shorts and some people like to use a gimbal so when you’re shooting handheld it means you want to show the raw moments when you’re shooting on a gimbal it means you want to show the fast pace best moments that’s when you can use it and when you’re shooting on a tripod it means you want to show the emotions just may be for sit and talk you can shoot in the tripod for personally.

I like to shoot either handheld or the gimbal I don’t really use a tripod but that completely depends on person to person you must have seen a lot of movies and a lot of videos and all these three being used at different times so try to experiment and see which one works the best for you so once the shoot is done every day is the ritual to make a double copy in the evening and sit and like go through all of the footage for half an hour so that you will get to know that what you have shot and how you can portray a story or if you have missed something you can shoot next day so that you should always do after the show.

Don’t procrastinate here don’t leave it like I’ll see in the future no you’re gonna miss something because you’re on a travel trip for maybe a week for 10 days and you have limited time

How To Edit On The Go:

Now the last thing I want to talk about is how to edit on the go I have become a full-time traveler traveling from one place to another and I have to make use of the time.

So what I like to do is I like to take two days off on a weekend like travel for three to four days maybe shoot and then sit and relax for two days just work on the editing go through it and whatever you can edit in those two days do it and then go ahead.

Travel to the next destination but for example, let’s say if you’re not getting time and you can’t take a break you’re a continuous travel trip every day when you’re shooting like after the evening you get time at least one to two hours to work on the edit and that’s the time you have to use it because well next day you’re again traveling and that’s how what I have been doing I’ve been editing and trying to find the time whatever I have and that’s how you can do it too.

So you get to travel full-time you can edit as well for example if you have a laptop that has a longer battery life it can help in such situations maybe there is no electricity you are out camping you are on the go you can sit anywhere and edit basically right also talking about the laptop having a lightweight laptop makes it easier to carry with such powerful AMD processor like AMD ryzen5000 helps in editing 4k videos without any issues and it doesn’t get heat up also so that’s the way to go and if your laptop has a built-in SSD a graphic card or 16 to 30-degree ram it’s gonna really help you to get things done faster but always remember that CPU is the most important key factor with eight ultra core fast processors your editing experience will become smooth and you will not need to create any proxies for editing 4k videos you can directly just put it on the timeline and edit all those videos without crashing your editing software.

so the Asus Vivo book pro 15 laptop which I have been using for a while now to edit all of my videos has all of these specs which I mentioned above and it has calibrated screen as well which helps me in getting the most natural colors while editing so when I export the videos and put it online it’s going to look the same as it looks on my laptop.

We always think that okay we are trying to make things perfect and that takes a long time but instead, if you get things done faster and work on the next project you will actually grow you will learn because you will see all those mistakes which you have done in the past project in the next project you will not do that so yeah that’s what I wanted to say and with the said if you really enjoyed this article then hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for future videos and let me know in the comments below if you want to read more such articles and I’ll see in the next one till then take care bye bye.

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