Golden Beach Of Puri Odisha Achieves Blue Flag Certification – Timings and Entry Fees

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Golden Beach Of Puri Odisha Achieves Blue Flag Certification - Timings and Entry Fees

Golden Beach Of Puri Odisha Achieves Blue Flag Certification – Timings and Entry Fees

Golden Beach Of Puri Odisha Achieves Blue Flag Certification – Timings and Entry Fees: The term ‘Golden’ perfectly captures the essence of Puri Beach, an enchanting coastal gem nestled in the vibrant state of Odisha.

Offering a mesmerizing experience, this magnificent beach is often included in the renowned Bhubaneswar packages, showcasing the captivating allure of both cities.

Spanning approximately 61.1 kilometers, the distance between Puri and Bhubaneswar makes it an irresistible addition to any itinerary, complementing the plethora of other captivating places to explore in Bhubaneswar. With its golden sands and alluring vistas, Puri Beach, also known as the Golden Beach Puri, stands as an iconic year-round destination, attracting countless tourists from far and wide.

What Is The Blue Flag Certification?

The Blue Flag Programme, pioneered by the esteemed international non-profit organization FEE (The Foundation for Environment Education), has been at the forefront of certifying beaches and marinas since its inception in 1987.

Headquartered in Denmark, this remarkable initiative aims to foster sustainable development in both freshwater and marine environments by upholding rigorous standards across four key categories: water quality, environmental management, environmental education, and safety.

The Blue Flag Certification has emerged as a prestigious and globally acknowledged eco-label, signifying an unwavering commitment to environmental excellence. To obtain and uphold this coveted recognition, stringent adherence to thirty-three exacting criteria established by FEE, Denmark is required, ensuring the highest standards are met and maintained.

Golden Beach Of Puri Odisha Achieves Blue Flag Certification - Timings and Entry Fees

Markets and Gastronomic Delights:

Indulging in a shopping spree at the lively and ever-open Golden Beach Puri market is a delightful experience in itself. This bustling marketplace offers a plethora of artifacts and souvenirs, ranging from exquisite shell jewelry and intricate handicrafts to mesmerizing idols. With an impressive array of goods available, it caters to every taste and preference, ensuring a truly immersive shopping experience. Moreover, the vibrant ambiance of the market adds to the charm, creating a constant sense of energy along the beachfront.

To add to the excitement, the market boasts a myriad of live food stalls that serve as the cherry on top. These culinary gems offer an enticing variety of seafood options, including an assortment of fish, delectable crabs, succulent prawns, and an array of other mouthwatering delicacies. With every bite, visitors can savor the freshness and flavors of the sea, further enhancing the overall beach experience. The combination of vibrant markets and tantalizing food stalls at Golden Beach Puri ensures an unforgettable fusion of shopping and gastronomic delights.

Enchanting Strolls at Sunset and Moonlit Serenity:

The moniker “Golden Beach Puri” is not bestowed lightly, for it holds an intriguing secret. Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring sunsets that grace this exquisite shoreline. As the sun descends, a radiant golden hue blankets the entire beach horizon, casting a mesmerizing glow that shimmers across the water’s surface. Visitors are invited to embark on leisurely walks along the shore, basking in the tranquil ambiance and taking in the sheer magnificence of nature’s masterpiece. Alternatively, they can simply find solace in seated contemplation, immersed in the unparalleled beauty that surrounds them.

But the allure of Golden Beach Puri does not fade with the setting sun alone. Under the enchanting moonlight, the beach assumes a whole new persona, casting a spell upon all who bear witness. On moonlit nights, this hallowed stretch of sand becomes a gathering place for countless tourists who flock to partake in this ethereal spectacle, particularly during full moon nights. Together, they unite in awe, beholding the breathtaking sight and embracing the serene tranquility that envelopes the moonlit beach.

Whether it’s a vibrant sunset stroll or an otherworldly moonlit rendezvous, Golden Beach Puri beckons with its irresistible allure, leaving visitors spellbound and yearning for more.

Timing and Entry Fees:

  • Timings: 24 hours
  • Entry Fee: Rs 20 per Person

Proximity to Nearby City and Convenient Travel Options:

Situated a mere 2.6 kilometers away from Puri, Golden Beach offers a close and accessible getaway. The trip duration, including travel time, typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable journey.

When it comes to transportation options, there are various choices available to cater to different group sizes and preferences. These include Sedan – AC (4+1), SUV – AC (7+1), and Tempo Traveller – AC (12+1), providing ample flexibility to accommodate diverse travel needs.

Embarking on a memorable excursion to Golden Beach Puri can be more affordable than one might think. With different packages to choose from, starting as low as ₹ 5000.00, visitors can select an option that suits their budget and desired experience.

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When it comes to travel tips, there are currently no specific recommendations or restrictions to be aware of. However, it’s always wise to carry essential items such as sunscreen, hats, and comfortable footwear to ensure a pleasant beach experience.

With its close proximity, convenient transport options, and attractive package prices, Golden Beach Puri beckons travelers to embark on an unforgettable journey to this coastal paradise.

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