Best Wireless CCTV Camera CPPlus Wifi for Home

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Best Wireless CCTV Camera CPPlus Wifi for Home

Best Wireless CCTV Camera CPPlus Wifi for Home

Best Wireless CCTV Camera CPPlus Wifi for Home: The small-sized camera is remarkably powerful, housing a three-megapixel resolution camera inside. It provides 360° surveillance coverage and features 28 top options, including pan-tilt functionality.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, this AI-powered camera comes with motion detection, built-in Wi-Fi, and appealing retail packaging. Branded as CPPlus, the model is EZYKam+ E35A. The product showcases its design, emphasizing its proud “Made in India” status, compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. 

For those interested in purchasing, the Best Buy link is provided. The camera supports up to 128GB memory cards, has a Type-C power connection, and a power factor of five volts per ampere. The camera’s construction is predominantly plastic, with a cute appearance. It features a polythene cover in the center for lens protection, two holes on top and bottom for microphones, and a base for attachment.

The camera offers versatile mounting options – ceiling or wall attachment with the included attachment. Alternatively, it can be placed on a table like a tabletop camera. The EZYKam+ E35A has a three-megapixel resolution, night vision, and communication features. The camera provides full 360° coverage with 85° tilting rotation.

Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty. Despite its numerous features, the K Plus E35A camera is competitively priced in the 2500 range. For those considering a purchase, the best buying link is available. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback on the camera’s audio and video quality.

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