10 Cheapest Altcoins That Can Give 100 Times Return In Less Investment

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10 Cheapest Altcoins That Can Give 100 Times Return In Less Investment

10 Cheapest Altcoins That Can Give 100 Times Return In Less Investment

10 cheapest Altcoins That Can Give 100 Times Return In Less Investment: Investors may be skeptical about cryptocurrency at present, but its potential as an investment option cannot be denied. A few years ago, people used to invest money in assets like gold and real estate. Now it is being called the era of cryptocurrency. The biggest example of this is the growth of digital coins like bitcoin, which are worth millions of rupees in today’s time.

But apart from bitcoin, there are many other coins that are popular as well as cheap. We are going to tell you about 10 such cryptocurrency coins, in which even a small investment can give you big benefits. It can also give you 100 times more return. However, we are not advising you to invest in any altcoin. The past few years have seen great volatility in crypto. These tokens are as follows-


Solana is an open-source project based on blockchain technology. It provides a decentralized finance solution. It is designed to support decentralized apps. Currently, its price is running around 1000 rupees. This is a coin in which profits can be earned by investing less capital.

USD Coin

USD Coin is known as a stablecoin. Although investors have become risk averse to stablecoins after the crash of Terra USD, stablecoins are still the most trusted today. Its price still remains close to the US dollar with very little movement. Apart from this, many exchanges also accept this coin as a payment option. Market experts believe that it is still the best coin to invest in crypto.


Cardano is also considered a stable crypto option. It is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies at the moment. Its special feature is that it does not use much energy to mine it. It is considered a good option in terms of low-cost investment options.

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XRP is also called the native token of Ripple. The special thing about its network is that it provides a good and cheap alternative to the popular SWIFT system used for international transactions. Its blockchain is called XRP Ledger. The coin has its own economy on which it runs. According to experts, it is currently included in the top 10 coins, which can be a good option for investment.

Binance Coin

If you are even mildly interested in cryptocurrencies, then you must have heard the name of Binance crypto exchange. This coin is its native token. Since the condition of the crypto market is not good at present, Binance Coin is also suffering due to this. But in the coming time, it has the potential to join those coins which have the potential to give huge profits with little investment.


Despite the ongoing downturn in the cryptocurrency market, many investors are still looking at cryptocurrencies as an investment option. Apecoin is known for having the most popular NFT collection in the world. It is known as Bored Ape Yacht NFT. This is APE System’s utility token. The past few weeks have seen a tremendous increase in AppCoin transactions.


It has become a well-known name in the cryptocurrency market. Its users have increased by 3,300% in the last few days. Because of this, a tremendous increase in its price is also being seen. It is one of the hottest cryptic characters in the Metaverse. That being said, investing in this token can give huge returns in the future.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is also a popular cryptocurrency in the Metaverse. Recently, there is a significant jump in its price. As the popularity of Metaverse is on the rise, the SAND token is also giving good returns to investors.


The price of Dogecoin has suddenly skyrocketed. Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter in late October, the token has seen a tremendous jump. There is also a possibility that Elon Musk may also add Dogecoin as a payment option for Twitter in the coming days. So the potential for huge profits in this token cannot be ruled out.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a popular altcoin that provides an open platform for crypto games. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain. This also maintains transparency in cryptocurrency games. With this, investors get a chance to get huge rewards. Hence it is also one of the cheap cryptocurrencies that can give huge returns at low cost.

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