Best Winter Treks To Do In India This Year

Best Winter Treks To Do In India This Year

Best Winter Treks to do in India This year

Best Winter Treks To Do In India This Year: Trekking is a strenuous activity that involves moving up enormous mountains on foot. The difficulty multiplies when the wintertime atmosphere is added.

The typical winter trekking season in India’s Himalayas runs from November until the end of March. The season is not one that the sluggish hikers choose. However, it is a fantastic chance for those with an adventurous spirit and those who live each breath for an adrenaline rush.

Higher elevations and colder temperatures cause the difficulty level to be boosted significantly. It’s a one-of-a-kind wilderness adventure that provides stunning vistas of towering mountain peaks covered in pristine white snow.

India’s top winter treks :

There are many peaceful, vast snowscapes to be seen on Winter Treks. While following their footprints in the snow, hikers frequently become disoriented and lose track of time. Winter Treks provide some people with an opportunity to venture beyond their comfort zones, while for others, they provide a getaway from the dull, noisy city life.

The Top Winter Treks in India and the Himalayas are listed here.

1. Winter Kuari Pass Trek

Winter Kuari Pass Trek

A snowy route over the Garhwal mountains

State of Uttarakhand

Timeframe: 6 Days

Grade: Moderate to Easy

12,763-foot maximum altitude

Trekking distance: 33 km approx.

Ideally, go between December and March.

The ideal photo opportunity is of hikers on the infinite snow carpet.

The Kuari Pass is a stunning location in Uttarakhand. When some famous British figures traveled this path in the early 1900s, the walk acquired prominence. A few of the well-known British fans include Eric Shipton, Bill Tilman, and Lord Curzon. It’s significant to note that this trek’s route is known as the Curzon Trail.

“Kuari Pass is among the most picturesque winter excursions. It is a modest trek because the temperature seldom drops below -8°C, according to Rakesh Pant.

It is a sumptuous stroll over meadows in the Himalayas. You overlook the difficulty of the walk because the scenery is so breathtaking. Several peaks, including Nanda Devi, Neelkant, Dronagiri, and Mukutparvat, catch your eye. During this walk, you get the opportunity to enjoy a close-up view of these well-known summits.

You may traverse the oak- and deodar-tree-filled forests while on this excursion. Numerous wild creatures, including leopards and Himalayan black bears, reside in this area. There are also many rhododendron blossoms that can be observed. These vibrant blossoms have both culinary and therapeutic uses in addition to being utilized in soft drinks. At 13990 feet, Kuari, the trek’s highest point, provides a breathtaking panorama.

2. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek

State of Uttarakhand

Time: six days

Grade: Moderate to Easy

12500 feet maximum altitude

22 km approx. of trekking.

December through April is the ideal time to travel.

The sight of being dwarfed by mountain peaks is the best time to photograph.

The Kedarkantha Peak Trek is arguably the most popular snow travel challenge in India. Winter snow makes for a mesmerizing photographic scene, and the view of the Mighty Himalayas from the trail that leads to the summit is even more attractive.

Located at a height of 3810 meters, or about 12,500 feet, this perfect hiking track spans a combined total of 20 kilometers. This iconic winter trip must be included on any list of the top winter hikes. It is the ideal fusion of beautiful scenery, strolls through isolated Garhwal settlements, and, of course, the thrill of walking on snow.

It will come as a surprise to learn that the winter snow typically begins to fall by mid-December and lasts until mid-April. Kedarkantha is one of the simpler winter treks, and it is situated in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in Uttarkashi.

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3. The Brahmatal Trek: A divinely crafted path

Brahmatal Trek

State of Uttarakhand

Time: six days

Grade: Moderate to Easy

12000-foot maximum altitude

22 km approx. of trekking.

The best months to travel are from November through January.

The sight of being dwarfed by mountain peaks is the best time to photograph.

Brahmatal Hike is a must-do this winter for anyone who has never gone on a winter trek. The journey gives many opportunities to experience winter unlike ever before because it is located in Uttarakhand.

It is a winter wonderland with just the proper amount of snow to tease and introduce hikers to the experience of winter trekking. The trail combines difficulty and easiness in a way that draws serious hikers to the occasion.

This unusual road winds through extensive woodlands, with lofty peaks following you everywhere. The road is really lovely, with a few peaks reaching heights of over 7000 meters.

“I have participated in numerous treks, but this one is the best,”

These and a few additional winter excursions enhance your trekking experience throughout the chilly months. These trails match some of the top trekking routes in the world in terms of beauty.

No matter how much we write about these treks, there is no substitute for experiencing them firsthand. And if you’re fortunate, you can peek into the life of the people, who daily breathe the Himalayas.

As you follow the trip leaders’ footsteps over the snowy trails, it seems as though time has stopped. And when you glance up, it appears as though time has stopped for you alone.

4. Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek 

Uttarakhand is the region.

6 days is the duration

Easy To Moderate

Upper Limit: 12,100ft

It is a well-known truth that the winter season brings suffocating cold and that snow on the way adds further difficulties. Nobody can dispute, however, that the dove-white snow also delivers great adventure and seductive mountain views.

The greatest option is Dayara because it is quite simple and has beautiful hills. To shield its animals from the biting cold, the vast pastures and meadows cover themselves in a white snowfall. With lovely flowers and Alps trees all around you, strolling on this white carpet gives the impression of walking on a frozen sea.

We specifically planned a trail that goes past Barnala Lake. Rakesh Pant describes it as a perfect mirror that reflects the captivating beauty all around it. You will get clear views of the snow-covered Bandarpoonch, Gangotri, and Shrikanth peaks as you ascend.

You can recharge for impending surprises by hiking and camping in the snow-covered alpine woodland beneath the starry night sky.

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