Best Network Monitoring Tools For Free

Network Monitoring Tools

Best Network Monitoring Tools For Free

Best Network Monitoring Tools For Free: If you’re in the market for network monitoring software, you’ve probably come across some free options. These free tools can help you monitor your network and identify potential problems. These tools can also test for problems like a slow network connection. The list below is not exhaustive, but a few of the most popular ones are mentioned here. Weigh each benefit and drawback before choosing the best one for your needs.


With its powerful event-driven architecture and advanced provisioning system, OpenNMS is the ideal tool for any network monitoring. Its web interface supports various metric formats and sends alerts via email and SMS. This open-source monitoring tool also supports JFreeChart and can automatically discover networks. Besides, it comes with a host of features and can be used to automate various network management tasks, such as creating detailed performance reports. Furthermore, it also has integrations with other programs, such as help desk ticketing software.

Another great free network monitoring tool is OpenNMS. Based on PHP/MySQL and SNMP, OpenNMS is highly customizable. It can discover entire networks and group them by a prefix. Furthermore, it has a flexible alerting system that sends alerts to email addresses, Slack accounts, and other services. It also offers a full API for graphing data.


If you are a small business owner, you may have a limited budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a network monitoring tool for free. If your network has many devices and you want to keep track of all of them, Zenoss is an excellent option. It has several features that will help you keep track of everything, from device health to disk capacity. You can easily install Zenoss on your network without any hassle or expense.

Zenoss has an intuitive interface that lists all monitored devices and allows you to add and remove them at will. You can also customize certain monitored device parameters, such as their status. You can also set up email alerts and view a network map of the devices. Additionally, Zenoss has many optional modules, or Zenpacks, for additional functionality. You can download the free community version or purchase the enterprise edition with support for commercial development.

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Nagios XI

If you are considering installing a network monitoring program but don’t know where to start, you may be interested in the Nagios XI Network Monitoring Tools for free. These software tools can continuously monitor your servers and network channels, enabling you to resolve any issues that may arise quickly. Some features include tracking CPU load, disk space, bandwidth, and ping status. Some software programs can even detect when your computers are being used without your knowledge.

While Nagios is free for small environments, advanced features may require additional subscriptions. For example, Nagios XI is free for small environments but requires a few monthly dollars for larger environments. Whether you’re using Nagios XI for free, you’ll find a lot to love about it. Here’s what it can do for you:

Icinga 2

Icinga 2 is an open-source network monitoring tool that builds on the Nagios core. Its flexible RESTful API lets users configure their dashboards and view live performance data. Icinga also supports Graphite and InfluxDB for graphing performance data. This makes Icinga an excellent choice for monitoring a variety of different types of systems.

The Icinga tool also comes with several plugins for network monitoring. You can choose which plugins you want to monitor and which are not necessary for your needs. Some of the most useful plugins are listed here. The check_ping plugin, for example, can detect DHCP servers and probe a host for packet loss percentage and round trip average millimeters. You can use the host’s address and address6 attributes to test DHCP servers.

Paessler PRTG

The Paessler PRTG Network Monitoring Tool is an all-in-one solution for network administrators, providing various tools for various applications. In addition to delivering comprehensive reports on network health, PRTG uses sensors to monitor various aspects of a device. These include CPU usage, storage solutions, and network traffic. The program supports SNMP, WMI, and SSH protocols, and you can even set up alerts to send only during certain hours.

The PRTG Network Monitor is a free network monitoring tool that uses SNMP, packet sniffing, and WMI to scan and report network traffic and performance. You can add devices to monitor using the tool’s web interface and choose from a range of sensors that monitor individual values in the network. The program also offers detailed usage reports and graphs. Its powerful network monitoring capabilities make it an excellent choice for enterprises of all sizes.


If you are looking for network monitoring tools for free, you can try Auvik. It is a cloud-based system that helps you monitor network activity, including performance, utilization, and security. You can use this system to identify any network problems and troubleshoot them before they become too large to handle. You can also create a threshold for system performance and resource use and receive alerts whenever those thresholds are exceeded.

Another advantage of Auvik is its ease of use. It only requires a few minutes to install and automatically discovers your network. Its user-friendly design is ideal for both novice and expert engineers. There are no complicated subscription programs, license policies, or hidden costs, so it is easy to use and implement. Regardless of your organization’s IT expertise level, you will find Auvik to be the most effective free network monitoring tool.

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