Auroville City of Unity – Exploring the Philosophy and Reality

Auroville City

Auroville City of Unity – Exploring the Philosophy and Reality

Auroville The City of Unity – Exploring the Philosophy and Reality: Auroville is an innovative township situated in the Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu, India, with certain sections located within the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

In 1968, it was established by Mirra Alfassa, also referred to as “the Mother,” and designed by the renowned architect Roger Anger. Auroville’s inception as an experimental community reflects its unique character, as it seeks to transcend national boundaries and promote peace, harmony, and sustainability.

Linguistic History

The term “Auroville” is derived from the French language, where “Aurore” signifies dawn, and “Ville” means city or village. The name holds significance as it represents the hope of a new beginning, akin to the rising sun after a dark night.

Notably, Auroville is also named after the Indian philosopher and yogi, Sri Aurobindo, who is recognized as the spiritual mentor of the community. The community’s name, therefore, serves as a reminder of the community’s vision of human unity and spiritual growth.

Purpose of Auroville

Auroville City

Auroville’s mission is to actualize human unity, embracing and celebrating its rich diversity. As of today, Auroville is the world’s only internationally recognized and sustained experiment in fostering human unity and transforming consciousness. The community is also actively engaged in researching and practicing sustainable living and developing innovative solutions to meet the cultural, environmental, social, and spiritual needs of humanity’s future.

On February 28th, 1968, a momentous inauguration ceremony took place near the banyan tree in the center of the future township, attended by representatives from 124 nations, including all Indian states. The participants brought with them a handful of soil from their native land, which was then mixed in a white marble-clad, a lotus-shaped urn that now stands at the heart of the Amphitheatre. At the same event, “the Mother” presented Auroville’s four-point charter.

The community’s population includes members from 49 nations, spanning various age groups, social classes, backgrounds, and cultures, all representing humanity as a whole. The population of Auroville is ever-growing, and currently numbers around 2,500 people, with approximately one-third of them being Indian.

Getting to Auroville:

By Air: The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport in Tamil Nadu, India. From there, you can travel by road to Puducherry, which is about 160 km away.

By Train: A train journey from Chennai to Puducherry, covering approximately 160 km, is another option. From Puducherry railway station, you can travel the remaining distance of around 20 km by road.

By Road: If you prefer to travel by road, you can reach Auroville from Chennai by covering a distance of about 160 km to reach Puducherry.

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