Vanajangi Hill in Paderu – Vanjangi View Point – New Hill Station for Trekking in the Eastern Ghats

Vanjangi Hill in Paderu, Vanjangi View Point - New Hill Station for Trekking in the Eastern Ghats

Vanajangi Hill in Paderu

  • Distance From Kharagpur to Vanajangi Is Approx. 832 Km Via NH16 
  • GOOGLE MAP: Vanajangi

First of all, most people think that hill stations are only in the northern parts of India (Delhi, Shimla, Manali). But did you know that there’s one in the East too?

Yep, it’s called Vanajangi, and its lush greenery, waterfalls, and scenic beauty make it an ideal place to go trekking with your family or friends! Let me tell you more about this stunning new discovery in Eastern India.

Where is this hill station?

For those looking to get away from Vishakhapatnam and its everyday hustle, vanajangi is a new hill station to add to your list. It’s not as popular as some of India’s other more famous destinations but it’s definitely worth checking out if you have time.


Vanajangi has situated 106 km from Vishakhapatnam and almost 8 kilometers from the sub-district headquarters in Paderu. 

Vanajangi, which is 3400 feet above sea level, has become a tourist hotspot. Scenes of dense clouds floating endlessly amid the hills form a sight to behold as you approach the vantage point at the location early in the morning.

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Best time to visit Vanajangi

Although you’ll be able to trek at Vanajangi year-round, it’s best to visit during peak season—March through May and September through December.

You should also stay at least three days so that you can enjoy all of Vanajangi’s tourist attractions. The weather tends to be pleasant at these times: not too hot, not too cold. And although it rains during the monsoon season, it doesn’t affect many of Vanajangi’s activities.

Dew falling, milky fog ponds, mesmerizing sceneries, green plants with flowers, coffee gardens, heavy values, berry gardens, pollution-free atmosphere with excellent hill station, mind-blowing viewpoints, and availability of excellent fruit varieties.

How do you get there?


By Road:

The town of Anakapalle is the closest to Vanajangi. Vanajangi is 80 kilometres from Anakapalle. From Anakapalle to Vanajangi, there is road access.

By Rail:

There is no railway station within 10 kilometers of Vanajangi. However, there are railway stations in Anakapalle, a nearby town. are railway stations in close proximity to Anakapalle. After that, you can drive from Anakapalle to Vanajangi.

By Bus:

The nearest APSRTC Bus Stations to Vanajangi are Paderu APSRTC Bus Station, G.Madugula APSRTC Bus Station, and V.Madugula APSRTC Bus Station. The APSRTC operates a number of buses from major cities to this location.

What are some must-visit spots nearby?

Since Vanajangi is a new hill station, visitors don’t have too many options when it comes to what to do nearby. But there are plenty of places worth visiting if you want to take a break from trekking. If you’re staying overnight, you should consider stopping by Dindigul and Kodaikanal as well.


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