Malana Village World’s Oldest Democracy In Himachal Pradesh

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Malana Village World’s Oldest Democracy in Himachal Pradesh

Malana Village World’s Oldest Democracy In Himachal Pradesh: This village is a very mysterious and very special village.

The people of Malana village, who consider themselves descendants of Alexander the Great, follow their cultural tradition even today. We will take you along with us and will tell you when and how you can visit the Malana Village, as well as get to know about the village.

  • Distance From Kharagpur to Malana Village Is Approx. 2061 Km
  • Google Map: Malana

Where The Malana Village Is Located?

First of all, let’s talk about the location of Malana Village, Malana Village is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

To reach Malana Village from very high mountain peaks like Chandra Khani and Jyotiba Pass Trek, it is first to travel 20 kilometers on Bhuntar Manikaran Highway to the station, after which you will reach by taxi or your car, the road is also very beautiful and filled with adventure, from zari to 14 kilometers of the 20 points of Malana Village, you can get to see the big mountains till you reach.

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Malana Village is a small way to track and it will take you about 1 hour. You will get to see a lot of small children in Lana Village. The village started earlier when all the rules and regulations of the place where they lived had been created.

People speak in such a language that the people of the state understand and The villagers cannot speak this language with Mulana, they can not understand this language.

Malana is considered the oldest democracy in the village world, and all the people living here form their own separate rooms of the village and have to follow the people of Malana.

Jamlu Rishi created all rules and regulations here, and people here wholeheartedly, worship in the temple of Jamlu Rishi Ji, which was constructed 100 years ago. All social gathering is done here as well.

Malana village is as rich as Kalkhurli, hardly any village in the whole world would have followed their culture so much in today’s date, this thing will be easily understood if you do not get it once.

When you come to bring one thing, be sure to keep in mind the rules and regulations made here has to follow because if you follow the rules here, then you will take good memories from here and will not even give the sentiments of the local people here.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek Highlights

  • Trek at an altitude of 12,030 ft and behold an unforgettable experience of spotting the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges
  • Gather a lifetime of experience as you explore the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh – its history rooting back thousands of years ago
  • Witness the breathtaking viewpoints and meandering trails through the thick forest of firs and oaks
  • Pass through nature’s generosity with views of the Parvati valley and Dhauladhar ranges – a sight that will lift up your spirits instantly
  • The grandeur of the fencing beauty captivates your senses throughout the trek with the weather changing pleasantly in every season

More Details:

  • Duration: 4N/5D
  • Maximum altitude: 12,030 ft
  • Trekking difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Temperature: 5°C to 15°C; and Night: 3°C to 10°C
  • Best time to travel: March to October

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