Ladakh Trip Budget – Turtuk, Diskit, Tso Moriri & Leh

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Ladakh Trip Budget 2021 - Turtuk, Diskit, Tso Moriri & Leh

Ladakh Trip Budget – Turtuk, Diskit, Tso Moriri & Leh

Hello friends, today I will tell you about the budget for the Ladakh trip. so let’s start, It is finally here. If you want to experience Leh-Ladakh to the fullest you need at least 7 days. The trip would cost around 15k-20k per person. The best place in Ladakh that travelers like very much are Turtuk, Diskit, Tso Moriri, and Leh.

But to see all these places I suggest you come for at least 7 days. To explore properly, because 3 days or 5 days will be a bit hectic. So I’ll tell you how you can explore Leh-Ladakh in 7 days within 15,000 to ₹ 20,000. The approximate budget per day is about  2000.


So first let’s talk about accommodation. You will get a Homestay (एक स्थानीय परिवार के घर में रहना) to stay which will cost 500/day a person. If you’re traveling solo or you have a very limited budget, then you can easily find hotels in Leh, which you can book through

So it’s cheap and we can even practice social distancing. So let’s say that you’re staying in Leh with a 500/day budget. And you’ll stay there for 4 days at the least. One day for Leh exploration, the Second day for completing formalities, the Third day when you’ll come back from Nubra valley, and the Fourth day when you’ll come back from Tso Moriri. So 2000 will be spent on accommodation in Leh.

Now let’s talk about Nubra valley. There are so many homestays available in Nubra Valley too. Again you can book through But if you don’t want to opt for these expensive stays, you have other cheaper options. Which will be priced at around 2000 per day. I suggest you stay in Diskit for one day and in Turtuk the next day and then return to Leh. And then you can leave for Tso Moriri after that. Where again you can find homestays for around 500/day to 1000/day. So this is your whole cost of accommodation.

Ladakh Trip Budget 2021 - Turtuk, Diskit, Tso Moriri & Leh


Now talking about transportation. I suggest you explore on the rented bike for 7 days if possible. You’ll get a good bike for around 1200/day to 1500/day. You’ve to rent a bike for 1300. In fact, you can also organize tours for yourself from here and rent a bike. So whenever you rent a bike, the number one rule is that before you start your journey, take pictures of the bike. So that the bike owner later won’t be able to defraud you. I’ll suggest you take the bike to Tso Moriri as well. After bargaining takes a bike for about 8,000. So this will be your total expense for a bike for 7 days. 

Fuel: Now talking about petrol, you’ll have to fill the petrol with at least 5000 to7000 rs. Considering that all these places are very far. Tso Moriri is very far and Nubra Valley and Turtuk are also very far. So you’ll have to spend at least this much on petrol.

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Now talking about food. You’ll find so many cafes in Leh-Ladakh. There are many options for food. You’ll get food according to your liking, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well. Which will differ from 100 to 300. There are some cafes open here. Some Cafes are very much clean and also good because of low prices and good food. And other than that you can find many Dhabas in Tso Moriri and Nubra Valley. Where you can eat for less than even 100. So this is your total expenditure on food. Coming to the last thing, which is the permit. You have to give 1020 for 2 persons which also included printing charges. So again 500 per person for a week of permit. This brings me to the total cost. You’ll have to spend this much on your 7-day Ladakh trip. Don’t get upset if it is going out of your budget because we are introducing a very good platform where you can earn money by betting on T20 IPL India.

You can explore Leh-Ladakh with this budget very easily. Add your transportation cost, if you’re coming from Kolkata by road. Or if you’re coming by flight, add that and that will be your total budget for Ladakh. And if you’re coming to Ladakh, I hope that this article will help you in planning your trip and deciding your budget. Like, share, and comment on the algorithm. Until then bye and take care.

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