5 Things You Need to Go on a Camping Adventure

5 Things You Need to Go on a Camping Adventure

Going camping can be exciting whether it is the first or 100th time. Amid all the excitement, it is easy to forget some essentials. While it is okay to forget some good-to-have items, you should pack the following must-have camping items.


Whether you will be setting it up on the ground or above your SUV, you will need a tent. This will be your shelter during camping. Even if you want to sleep under the stars, you will still need a tent. The morning dew can be very cold and you do not want to be caught in a midnight storm without any shelter, right?

There are tents of all sizes. Whether you are going solo, with your better half, or as a family, you can find a tent that fits everyone. Tents also come in various shapes so you can choose whichever works for you. Also, consider how the tent will be erected. A tent to be erected on flat ground will differ from one erected on an SUV roof. If interested in the latter, look for quality and durable tents like this Toyota 4runner rooftop tent.

It is important to consider the seasonality of the tent. Winter camping should only be done with a 4-season tent while 3-season tents are ideal for spring, summer, and fall camping. The 3-season tents are lighter than the 4-season tents.

As you pack your tent, do not forget to add its structural features. Make sure you pack the tent poles, rainfly, and footprint.

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Sleeping Bags

The tent may provide shelter but it will not keep you warm enough to sleep. A sleeping bag will hug you right to sleep. Plus, it will protect you from crawling animals that may just decide to make your body their new home.

When buying a sleeping bag for camping, consider the expected temperatures. Look at the weather forecast for the area you will be camping at and check the night temperatures. You may also buy a general use sleeping bag by getting a 4-season one. There are many types of sleeping bags to choose from. Your ideal sleeping bag should be comfortable and fit snugly. It is advisable to try the sleeping bag on before paying for it.

A Fire Starter

Whether it is a matchbox or lighter, you will benefit from having a fire starter when you go camping. Picture this, joyful singing fills the air as everyone sits around a campfire and something is grilling on the fire. What a perfect camping experience? The only way to make this possible is by ensuring you carry a fire starter. This small item can be easily forgotten and its lack can ruin a perfectly planned camping experience.

Find out if you can get firewood where you will be camping. If not, bring a few pieces from home.

Flashlight or Lantern

You will most probably be camping in an area that is not lit by electricity. You need a source of light for use at night. The campfire may help but it is not enough. You will need a flashlight or lantern for use inside the tent or when you need to go further than the fire illuminates.

The light source you take camping should be battery-powered. Bring several battery changes depending on how long you intend to stay. Combining flashlights with lanterns helps. Use flashlights for moving around while lanterns allow hands-free illumination.

Personal Essentials

At the very least you will need several changes of clothing and a durable camping backpack. When camping in cold and windy areas, you will need to have layers of clothing on. Consider this and pack enough clothes. You will also need personal care items like a toothbrush, towel, flip-flops, and toiletries. Depending on your itinerary/climate, you may want to pack swimsuits, warm hats, or sunglasses.

When packing personal items, do not aim at taking everything you want. Only pack what you cannot do without. After all, you will only be camping for a few days.

Bottom Line

To have an amazing camping adventure you need to ensure you have all the essentials you need. Pay attention to the things you will need to set up the camp, cook and eat, and stay warm during your stay. With the above items, you will definitely have an awesome camping experience.

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