Dagara Nature Camp Baliapal

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Dagara Nature Camp is located near Dagara Sea Beach an unexplored sea beach in the Balasore District of Odisha 

Dagara Sea Beach is slowly becoming a major weekend attraction for next-generation travellers who loves to do beach camping. 

Dagara Nature Camp brings you their newest Beach Camp with tent & cottage accommodation just on the verge of the vacant Dagara sea beach. 

Spending a night at Dagara Nature Camp will cost you INR 1200/- per head. For Rs.1200/-, you’ll be getting 4 times food and a Night’s stay. Lunch and dinner are good enough. 

In the evening Free Bonfire & Barbecue extra. If you order some chicken (extra cost) then they will arrange it with prior notice. They will give one large plate of chicken (Sal Chicken) 1 kg chicken. 

Overall You Can visit with your family and friends. 



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