Heart Places to Visit in Fiji

Heart places to visit in Fiji

Heart Places to Visit in Fiji

Heart Places to Visit in Fiji: Famous for its stunning lush tropical island, Fiji truly is a South Pacific paradise. There are more than 300 islands for you to marvel across; Fiji is blessed with gorgeous turquoise waters, white sand beaches, beautiful shorelines, rivers of the jungle, and a vibrant tradition that makes it a paradise. There are a variety of destinations to explore in Fiji, which is perfect for those looking to get away from the bustle of urban life!

Places to Visit in Fiji

No matter if you’re looking for a romantic getaway on your own or a getaway with your family or an intimate getaway with your beloved.

Tavon Waterfalls

Surrounded by dense and incredibly green trees, these three cascades (otherwise known as “the Baume Falls) exemplify “Garden Island. This main waterfall (24m) is 30 minutes to climb to the second, and the third one is an uphill climb through the soft, sloppy forests that require another 20 minutes. It is nevertheless essential for all tourists to catch the chance to see this stunning waterfall.

Location: Baume, Fiji

Snake God Cave

At 23 km to Kosovo’s west. Kosovo is located in Wailotua town, situated to the west of Kosovo town. The name was inspired by the sparkling stalactites found in the condition of snakeheads. When the war was in its traditional form that raged through the city, people would line into a group and search for safety within its dark and pitch-black maze.

Location: Kosovo, Fiji


The dirt road from Novillada encompasses an area of the Salento River, and you can swim through many excellent swimming holes and cascades. However, it is necessary to seek the permission of any of the residents who come across it. The town is situated within an old volcanic cave enclosed by timberland and mountains. There are several tall waterfalls that you’ll be able to discover at a visit to the tropical rainforests close to Fiji which are excellent locations to see with your best hiking shoes.

Location: Western Fiji

Musket Cove Marina

This excellent marina is among Fiji’s tourist attractions and is well-known for attracting yachters worldwide. There are 27 moorings and 25 marina billets, dockside water and fuel drop-mail services, clothing zones, and more. The facility also has showers for hot water, book swaps, bicycle contracts, a noticeboard, and constrained repair administrations.

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Tavern Hill Fort

Despite various forts scattered throughout Fiji, Tavern Hill Fort is perhaps the most well-known. It was constructed in the 18th century under the leadership of Tongan Boss Mail Latemar; this fort was guarded during the war and remained among Fiji’s top interesting known sites. The imposing 90m-high limestone hill that sits at the end of a bend in Sigatoka River is an undeniably important spot for defense.

Location: Fiji

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Rough and wind-blown, but they are about 5km long, up to 1 km wide, and around 20 meters high and rise up to 60 meters towards the west, thanks to the fact that they were designated an official stop of the national park in 1989. The national park is frequently visited by people who love nature. Therefore, to experience a peaceful experience, it is possible to make a plan to visit this park without any thought.

Location: Viti Leva, Fiji

Sri Siva Subramanian Swami Temple

This magnificently designed Hindu temple in Fiji. Still, it is also one of the few spots outside India where you can witness traditional Dravidian engineering. The carvings made of wood of Gods were brought here from India, and the experts decorated the temple with a vibrant coiffure and spectacular ceiling frescoes. So when you’re looking for make sure to include this on your list of places to visit!

Location: Queens Rd, Nidi, Fiji

Suva Municipal Market

It’s a fantastic spot to spend half an hour or so sleeping with your camera. The barrow-wielding young men are the ones who control the roads and are not afraid to cut down a few travelers to deliver their cassava at the right time. In addition to the enormous-sized tomatoes, cabbages, and chilies, you should take note of cassava, jackfruits, and yams. These items are more affordable than those sold in regular supermarkets, and there’s no reason to buy them at a discount since prices are marked.

Location: Harris Rd, Suva, Fiji

Colom-I-Suva Forest Park

Colom-I-Suva is the name of a 2.5 square km forest park that includes an extensive rainforest that is bursting with tropical vegetation and young life. The 6.5-km of walking trails provide breathtaking views and stunning natural pools. The elevation ranges from between 120m and 180m. It’s a refreshing and peaceful retreat from Suva’s urban turmoil. The backwoods that slide through it over the rocks is Wasilla Creek which flows downwards to Waimano River and forms a small number of waterholes along the way.

Location: Kings Road, Nassau, Fiji

Fiji Museum

To enjoy the exhibits in order, start with the talks at the counter behind the ticket booth and then move on clockwise. The main attraction is an immense Rat Fiona which is Fiji’s only double-hulled boat that is reputed to be more than 13 meters in length. The main lobby includes war clubs, the gruesome tale of the consumption of human flesh as well as other exciting things.

Location: Cakobau Road, Suva, Fiji

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