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Woman shares ‘spine-chilling’ video of ‘ghost’ pushing beer glass in UK bar

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Chandigarh, November 25

Across the globe, the ideas of paranormal persist. Ghosts are there and if you watch this video you will be tempted to believe it.

And the video may send a shiver down your spine. So hold your heart because this viral video captured in a bar in Sunderland, UK, may leave you scared.

The clip, shared on Facebook by the landlady of the bar, Darla Kate Anderson, has scared many.

The video is from The Blue House pub. Four people are sitting inside the bar with a man is on the outside area of the bar. A glass filled with beer is next to him. After a few seconds, the glass, kept at a distance from the man, suddenly topples over the counter. Scary right! If you look at the video closely you will be stunned to see nobody was near enough to push the glass accidentally.

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