With So Much More On Offer, Here’s Why You Need HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure Health Insurance Plan Right Away

The full force of the pandemic has made a few things crystal clear. One, you can no longer compromise or defer buying health insurance given the sheer unpredictability around Covid-19 and other lifestyle diseases that are lurking around the corner. Two, healthcare costs have been rising and will keep rising further, making it imperative to buy a health insurance cover to protect your savings from being decimated in case of an emergency.

There is one problem though. There are a huge number of players and products in the market today that can make it confusing to decide which health insurance truly benefits you the most. Thankfully, we’ve found a plan that covers not just your health insurance in adequate detail but also offers four times the coverage at no additional cost. That’s right, HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure Plan starts working for you from the day you sign up with benefits that keep accruing as long as you stay with them. Let’s learn how Optima Secure gives you So Much More than any other plan out there.

Get 2X coverage from Day 1 at No Additional Cost!

Optima Secure comes with a first-of-its-kind benefit in India – the Secure Benefit which offers 2x or double coverage from the opted one from Day 1. This is automatic and kicks in as soon as your purchase is done and to top it, the benefit comes at no additional cost and no extra paperwork. What does this imply? Well, if you buy an insurance cover worth INR 10 lakh, your total cover immediately becomes INR 20 lakh. Similarly, a cover worth INR 20 lakh becomes INR 40 lakh & a cover of 2 crores becomes 4 crores from day 1 at no additional cost on purchase of Optima Secure.

Your base coverage doubles in 2 years!

Plus benefit is a kind of bonus that a customer gets on his policy for every claim-free year. The no-claim bonus goes up to a maximum of 100% of the base coverage. It takes several claim-free years for the coverage to become double with the help of a bonus! However, another first in the health insurance industry, the “Plus benefit” of Optima Secure health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO gives a 100% increase in coverage just after two years, even if you have a claim AND AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! All you need to do is stay invested for 2 years in the plan

What if you run out of your coverage?

In case you run out of coverage even after so much coverage of Secure Benefit and Plus Benefit, the Optima Secure comes with Restore Benefit. This benefit restores your base coverage by 100% even if there is a partial claim, again at No Additional Cost!

Total Cashless Hospitalization!

Finally, Optima Secure also takes care of a niggling issue that most health insurance plans leave out – non-medical expenses such as masks, diapers, gloves etc. Covering these expenses out of pocket can be a real pain, which is why Optima Secure’s Protect Benefit helps to cover all listed non-medical expenses. It is built into the plan and is available whenever required. What does it mean for you and me? – ZERO deduction on hospitalization bills!

The best part of Optima Secure is that all the benefits of this product work together taking the total coverage to 4 times the opted one in just 2 years. A coverage of INR 10L becomes INR 40L, a coverage of INR 20L becomes INR 80L and coverage of INR 2 crores become INR 8 crores in just 2 years!

HDFC ERGO’s Optima Secure Health Insurance Plan truly is an Industry first product with offers So Much More. The plan certainly takes care of present medical costs and future costs too!

The product also comes with discounts options which are available when you opt for Deductibles, buy products online or for the long term.

So when you look for a Health Insurance plan do check for Optima Secure Health Insurance by HDFC

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