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Bollywood celebrities and their love for all things delicious is no longer a secret. The list is quite long. And, one of our favourite food stars out there is Parineeti Chopra. Everyone knows what a die-hard foodie Parineeti is. She has flooded our Instagram feeds several times with delicious food posts while she travels across India and abroad. Her food diaries include mouth-watering Indian meals as well as American fast foods. And, now, Parineeti’s food diaries have taken a new turn. 

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While the actress is spending her time in Mumbai, she is craving food that is native to a region miles beyond the oceans. The actress woke up craving an “American diner breakfast”. And, she made it turn into a reality. Parineeti treated herself to a platter of pancakes and coffee. Her Instagram Stories are proof. She posted a drool-worthy photo of a pancake fried to perfection. What makes it more delicious is a generous spread of blueberry jam on top. The caption read, “When you’re sitting in Bombay but craving an American diner breakfast, you gotta make it happen.” 

Pancakes aren’t the only thing in which Parineeti Chopra is indulging this morning. She also posted a photo of a delectable cup of coffee. The caption read, “Pancakes and coffee is a balanced meal and no one can convince me otherwise.”

Parineeti Chopra not only loves to have food but she also indulges in cooking from time to time. Recently, Parineeti’s friend Adesh Bhansali shared a video where the actress is seen in the kitchen. She is cooking a pot of Maggi while dancing around. Re-sharing the video, Parineeti wrote, “Side Gig: Chef (Maggi Only).” Here is the video:

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Parineeti Chopra’s food adventures and candid food-related posts on social media are always a treat for us.

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