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Upcoming Cyclone "Sitrang" In Bay Of Bengal 2022

There is a possibility of the formation of a Super Cyclone in the Bay of Bengal between 18-25 October 2022.

A depression is likely to form on 17 October, which is expected to intensify into a cyclonic storm by 18 October. The cyclone is expected to be named “Sitrang.”

Super Cyclone Sitrang

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The powerful cyclone is likely to make landfall anywhere between the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to Bangladesh and the Sundarbans coast of West Bengal, India 

Citing the latest GFS prediction, Mostafa Kamal Palash, a Ph.D. researcher on weather and climate further said, the cyclone is likely to attain Super cyclone strength. “Its wind speed can be like Cyclone Sidor or Amphan (220-250 km per hour).

Coastal areas where the potential cyclone may hit are likely to experience 15-20 foot high tides 

On an average, five to six tropical cyclones form every year, of which two or three could be severe.

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More cyclones occur in the Bay of Bengal than the Arabian Sea and the ratio is approximately 4:1. Cyclones occur frequently on both the coasts (the West coast - Arabian Sea; and the East coast - Bay of Bengal).