Best Time To Visit Dheusagar Amusement  Park In New Digha

The new best place in Digha as per me is Dheusagar amusement park. Though it’s under construction till now, quite well planned.

Overall a good place to roam around and pass time. There is also a stage here where a music and dance program takes place.  

New Digha, the Bay of Bengal. Owing to its natural beauty, it has become one of the most visited places in West Bengal and its adjoining areas. 

About Dheusagar

A part of the New Digha – Sea Beach area is home to a newly opened amusement park called ‘Dheusagar’. The park offers indoor as well as outdoor games and rides that are fun for both adults and children alike. 

Dheusagar amusement park offers panoramic views of the sea beach and soothing touch of calmness at the new Digha in West Bengal, Dheusagar amusement park is a great recreational place to visit.

It has all modern-day equipment such as roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, and swing boats that are bound to keep you on your toes. An added advantage is its closeness to many nearby places like Udaypur Sea Beach, Talsari Beach, etc…