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Best Places to Visit in Digha this Winter

Best Places to Visit in Digha this winter

Digha is 185 km from Kolkata. It has now become one of the most popular beaches in West Bengal. Earlier it was known as ‘Birkul’.

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Digha Gate


An entrance to the small coastal town, the gate was constructed on the National Highway 116B in Digha, close to the Bay of Bengal.

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Digha Mohona Watch Point

Digha, Mohona Watch Point is the confluence of River Champa and the great Bay of Bengal. It offers stunning views of the sunrise as well as that of the surroundings.

Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp

The key attractions of this place are fun and life science, galleries on reflections, 3D theatre, Jurassic park with light and sound, the national science camp, and the Science Park.

Battala Market

A paradise for seafood lovers pescatarians, with the freshest variety of fish, prawns, and crabs, you can indulge in some shopping of the local produce during your stay in the seaside town.

Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre

The aquarium features three types of creatures like local and curious species, species of conservative significance, as well as freshwater species. The aquarium has 24 huge marine tanks and 8 freshwater tanks.

Wonderland Kajal Dighi

Wonderland Kajal Dighi is among the popular Places to visit in Digha for people of all age groups.

Amarabati Park

Among the several tourist places to visit in Digha, explore this verdant, well-maintained park in the midst of this seaside town for a little peace and quiet.

Which is the better Old Digha or New Digha?

For people who are looking for solitude and old-world charm of tree-shaded promenades, Old Digha is the place to be. People who love the buzz and chatter of crowds, eateries, and touristy places should visit New Digha.



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