Wait, What? Rare Assam Tea Sold For ₹1 Lakh Per Kg At Auction News Portal

For Indians, tea is the ultimate drink. One cup of our favourite chai can turn around our day instantly. And maybe that’s also the reason why most of us like to invest in good quality tea leaves. However, would you ever buy one kg of tea leaves for one lakh rupees?! This price sounds too high, right? Well, believe it or not, recently, a kilogram of tea leaves was sold for the same price. Pabhojan Gold Tea, a rare variety of organic tea from Assam’s Golaghat district, was sold on Monday (June 20, 2022) at a whopping 1 lakh per kilogram. This price is the highest this year and the tea was auctioned at a center in Jorhat. A Jorhat Tea Auction Centre (JTAC) official said the tea sold by Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate and was purchased by Esah Tea, an Assam-based tea brand.

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Pabhojan Gold Tea is created from the best second flush tips harvested from the tea estate and has a bright yellow liquor with a relaxing aftertaste. The tips turn golden and add a hue to the beverage. Bijit Sarma, the CEO of Esah Tea, said the tea variety would enable them to give one of the best tea blends from Assam to its clients. He also added, “For tea connoisseurs, this is an experience in a cup. Our customers are spread across the globe and will understand the taste and value of this variety. We are glad to be able to continue with our mission to provide them with authentic Assam tea flavours.”

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Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate’s owner Rakhi Dutta Saikia also added, “We produced only one kg of this rare variety of tea and are delighted at this new record-breaking price which has created history. The price it fetched is something that will help the Assam Tea industry regain its lost fame.”

Would you ever spend so much on a kilogram of tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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