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Vivaldi Browser Launches For Renault Android Automotive Cars News Portal


Previously, the Vivaldi browser was launched for Polestars electric cars.

It works in tandem with the Renault OpenR system

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It works in tandem with the Renault OpenR system

After launching the first browser for Polestar’s EV, the Vivaldi browser has launched for Renault’s Android Automotive vehicles. Vivaldi has launched the browser for Renault’s latest vehicles which come equipped with the new OpenR link system that is based on Android Automotive. Drivers can easily install the browser from the Google Play Store. 

“The future of browsing in cars is exciting. We are thrilled to bring Vivaldi in the new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, the All-Austral and in all future cars with the OpenR Link system. This is a powerful example of how we want to give a smart browser to the automobility sector, providing the driver and passengers with a completely new in-car-connected browsing experience,” said Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner.


The browser enables video calling as well 

The system debuts on the Megane E-Tech Electric and Austral. Some of the salient features of this browser include the ability to make video calls from the driver’s seat and set up access to web apps. 

Users will be able to stream content from their favourite audio and video streaming services. Streaming will be audio-only if the car is being driven. The Vivaldi browser also syncs with its PC and mobile apps. Users will be able to manage multiple tabs in groups and access to bookmarks is also seamless. 


The Vivaldi browser also comes with pre-loaded games like Vivaldia. It also comes in light and dark themes. The browser will be available to users in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. It can be downloaded from the My Renault app or the Play store and it will get regular OS updates. 

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