Viral Video: Puppy “Tricks” Child Into Dropping Her Lollipop, Prances Away Merrily After News Portal

The video which was posted on May 26 has racked up more than 200,000 views

Two things that go viral on the internet are puppies and babies. Validating this theory, a video is being shared on social media accounts of a hilariously cute interaction between a puppy and a small child.

The video which has been posted on ViralHog’s YouTube channel shows a little girl walking on the road enjoying a lollipop along with holding a toy gun. A tiny puppy is also following her around jumping on her and seemingly asking for her attention.

As the little child bends down to pet the puppy, the lollipop falls out of her hand and is quickly grabbed by the puppy. As the realisation dawns upon the child of what just happened, she begins to cry as we see the dog merrily prancing away in the background.

The video which was posted on May 26 has racked up more than 200,000 views with many internet users commenting on the funny yet cute nature of the video.

User Emmit Evans wrote, “Puppy marching off with the candy in the background, too cute and funny!” while Marie M commented saying “That Puppy got that Lollipop and started walking off like he was in a marching band.”

User Judy Grimmet alluded to a popular saying, commenting, “Easy work. Like taking candy from a baby.”

Other users posted funnier responses with some referring to the toy gun the girl had. User Camaro Chevrolet wrote, “She was strapped, she must of been out of ammo”. Another user Richard Golden wrote, “She was about to squeeze that glock.”

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