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Vauld Referral Code [FREE100] get free 40% discount on trading

Vauld Referral Code FREE100 Get Free 10% Discount on Trading Fees. Vauld Refer and Earn Free Commission. Investment in cryptocurrencies is more than a trend now. Even billionaires are backing its usage and trade and there is no good time as now to jump into the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a reliable exchange platform like Vauld. It is a Singapore-based crypto platform that enables eager users to buy, lend, borrow and trade crypto assets seamlessly while avoiding hefty charges. The good news for Indian crypto investors is that they can use Vauld India to perform trading of cryptocurrencies and evade the high trading fee levied by other changes. New users can use the Vauld Referral Code FREE100 coupon code to avail free 10% discount on trading fees.

Vauld Referral Code 2021:

Join Vauld and earn Free 10% Discount on Trading Fees When you use my Vauld Referral Code SUvfc9. Also you can Earn Money by Investing this App. Vauld Refer and Earn Unlimited Commission by referring Friends. Vauld Money you can withdrawal in your Bank Account.

Vauld Referral Code


Using Referral Code Get

Free 10% Discount

Earn per Referral

10% Commission

Invite a Friend program


Vauld Redeem

Bank Account

How to avail free 10% discount on trading fees on Vauld India using the Vauld Referral Code?

To avail free 10% discount on trading fees on Vauld India, you have to perform Vauld download. Perform the following steps use the Vauld Referral Code at the earliest:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for Vauld or Vauld India or Vauld Download.
  • Click on Install and open the app after installation.
  • Carefully fill in the correct and active e-mail address along with phone numbers and use the Vauld Referral Code “FREE100” by entering it in the field “Enter referral code”.
  • Complete the sign-up and enjoy trading your preferred cryptocurrencies while saving up to 10 percent on trading fees.

What is Vauld Refer and Earn program?

Vauld Refer and Earn program enables you to earn commission on every transaction that your referred person makes. The program rewards a commission of 40 percent on their trade fee, 5 percent of the interests paid on their deposits, and 5 percent of the interests accrued from their loans. Vauld India has designed the Refer and Earn program to use your Vauld Referral Code [FREE100], which helps you save a few bucks on trade fees as well as, earn an astonishing amount of commission from those friends and families, that you refer on the Vauld India platform.

How to find your Vauld Referral Code in Vauld app?

To find your Vauld Referral Code FREE100 in the Vauld app, you have to log in and then perform the following steps:

  • Create a Vauld account and log in to the Vauld app.
  • Scroll down to the Refer and Earn section that contains the Vauld Referral Code: FREE100.
  • You can see the referral download link as well as the code in the section.
  • Click on the copy button to copy your Vauld Referral Code [FREE100] and then send it to people whom you want to refer.
  • If you want to share the referral download link, click on the share button and share the link using your preferred instant messaging app or social media app.
  • Each person that downloads the app using your link and enters your Vauld Referral Code [FREE100] while signing up generates a commission for you.



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