US Restaurant Lists Dosa As “Naked Crepe”, Sambhar Vada As “Dunked Doghnut Delight”, Internet Shocked News Portal

The price tag of these dishes have also been slammed by Twitter users.

The menu of an eatery in the United States offering Indian food has sparked buzz online. The social media users are discussing why the names of these Indian dishes were changed and slam the exorbitant prices being charged by the restaurant. The food being displayed in the photo of the menu now going viral shows popular South Indian dishes, such as dosa, idli and sambhar vada. Posted on Twitter on Sunday, it has amassed 18,000 likes and over 2,200 re-tweets. 

A bowl of vada dipped in sambhar has been described by Seattle-based Indian Crepe Co in its menu as “Dunked Doughnut Delight” and priced $16.49. Similarly, the humble dosa has been listed as “Naked Crepe” (plain dosa) and “Smashed Potato Crepe” (masala dosa). While the former has been priced $17.59, the one with potato filling is costly by a dollar.

The description of the dish says, “Crisp rice batter crepe served with a lentil soup, a tangy tomato and classic coconut relish.” And there is also a “Cheesy Masala Crepe”.

Other dishes like Uttapam has been named “Classic Lentil Pancake”

Twitter users who saw the screenshot of the menu went into overdrive. “Sacrilege! When we are calling a pizza a pizza everywhere in the world! Why not dosa?” asked a user. “Naked crepe has same vibe as that of ‘Zinda Rice’,” said another.

“Some how those names makes sense. They named it in a way Americans can understand,” one of the tweets read.

The users were also surprised at the price these dishes are being offered by the restaurant. “Selling south Indian food for more than Rs 1000 is a crime. I can legit get 2 dosas (crepes) for Rs 80 anywhere in India. Charging $16 for something you can make for less than $2 (in USA) is mad, the profit margins would be insane tho,” said a user.

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