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Have you ever wondered about the different types of headlights available for cars? Well, each type of headlight is different and has varying applications. Lets learn more about them!

When buying a car, we consider a gazillion of things – the mileage, speed capabilities, features, etc. However, most of us tend to skip the headlights. You might think that headlights are of minuscule significance while buying a car. But you might not be aware that the type of headlights your car comes with can make or break your experience. Headlights for cars have changed over the years. New names such as halogen and LED are currently dominating choices for car headlights. Knowing the type of headlights available and learning more about them will help you choose the right one. So, without further ado, let’s shift the spotlight to the types of headlights!


Halogen headlights are one of the most common types prevalent amongst most car manufacturers. The halogen headlights emit a bright yellow light. However, this light is not very efficient as there is a wastage of energy through heat. Moreover, the light throw of halogen headlights is only restricted to 100 metres or so. Halogen lights are apt for roads with less congestion.


HID or Xenon

The next on our list is the HID or xenon headlights. HID stands for high-intensity discharge and is similar to CFL bulbs available for residential purposes. This type of headlights takes a little longer to attain their maximum brightness as they require some time to heat up.

The HID headlights emit a bluish-whitish light when they reach their peak brightness. Because these lights require some time to heat, most car manufacturers use them in conjunction with other types of headlights. These lights have a throw distance of a whopping 20 to 250 meters.


One of the most interesting facts about LED lights is that they can throw light up to 300 meters. Another thing that might interest car owners is that you can use them in different shapes and ways. The LED technology is primarily available for premium cars. LED headlights emit no heat and do not require any warm-up period.



Pixel lighting is another name for matrix headlights. Several LEDs are used to make a matrix headlight, and you can control all of them independently. A camera is mounted behind the interior rear-view mirror that detects the headlight and taillight of other cars in proximity. As soon as the system detects another vehicle, it turns off the individual LEDs to avoid disturbance. This type of light is perfect for highway driving.


Lasers are an advanced technology when it comes to car headlights. It would help if you also kept in mind that these technologically advanced headlights are not easy on the pocket. Laser headlights are notorious for their throw range, better than any other headlight. They can illuminate up to 600 meters of the path ahead.



And that was all one needed to know about the different types of headlights. So, the next time you’re replacing your headlights, choose wisely!

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