Travel Guide 5 Things To Do In Palm Springs

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Travel Guide 5 Things To Do In Palm Springs

Travel Guide 5 Things To Do In Palm Springs

Travel Guide 5 Things To Do In Palm Springs: You are finally taking that trip to Palm Springs. The goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your trip and to do that, you’ll have to do a little planning. The following are five things you can do while you’re in Palm Springs.

1. Aerial Tramway

If you want to do something unforgettable, then you’ll want to visit the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. There are a few reasons to do this. For one, the views are perfect. You should also know that this is the largest rotating tramway in the world. You get to travel around 2.5 miles, which is incredible.

The entire ride is about 10 minutes, but it’ll be 10 minutes that you’ll remember. You’ll get to see cliffs and valleys during your little tramway trip. That’s not all though. Once you get to the top, the fun just begins. The temperature drops at least 30 degrees, which makes you a bit cooler. There are restaurants there and miles of trails. It should be pointed out that you could stay there and camp, but you’ll have to reserve that in advance.

2. Tahquitz Waterfall

The Tahquitz Waterfall is stunning. The hike is almost two miles, which isn’t that much if you’re concerned about walking too much. It’s one of the most unforgettable things to do while visiting Palm Springs.

You can start your hike at the Visitor’s Center and be on your way. When you get there to relax a bit, allow the majesty of the waterfall to draw you in. It’s a great time to have a little Palm Springs cannabis as the cherry on top. Plus, getting cannabis legally is hard in some states; it’s something you should enjoy while you’re here.

3. Moorten Botanical Garden

Those who want to do something special should consider visiting the Moorten Botanical Garden. You’ll get to see all the cacti throughout the desert, and you get to see it all in one place.

The Moorhens loved the desert and plant life. They loved it so much that they dedicated this garden to the green life of the desert. Those who want to learn about plant life and the many succulents in the desert need to stop here. The greenhouse looks beautiful, too. It’s a good place to take pictures that you can post on your social media accounts.

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4. Palm Springs Villagefest

Palm Springs has a little bit for everyone, and if you want to shop like a local, then this is where you need to be. The Palm Springs Villagefest is a wonderful event that takes place every Thursday. The event takes place between Indian Canyon Drive and Belardo Rd. This is right in the middle of downtown, so you won’t have trouble finding it.

The fair is massive. You’ll see more than 180 vendors there. You’ll see artists and craft enthusiasts, and you’ll hear live music. It’s the perfect place to spend the day and meet locals who are eager to meet visitors and let them know what to do in their little city. Make sure to take something to drink, or look for a vendor who sells drinks because it’ll get hot at some point. You should stay hydrated.

5. Cabazon Dinosaurs

You want to stop at the Cabazon Dinosaurs attraction while you’re here. It’s an iconic roadside attraction, and it’s fun to see. On your way there, you’ll see two large dinosaurs. These are about 65 feet high, so they are quite large.

You can climb on them if you want to get a great view and enjoy the experience. Inside, you’ll find dinosaur theme gift shops where you’ll discover all sorts of little treasures. The place is bizarre. This is something you’ll never forget. Be sure to take a few pictures because this is something you want to show off or post on your social media accounts.

As you can see, there are many things to do in Palm Springs, and these are just a few things. Start exploring early, start looking now, and write down what you want to do to give yourself enough time to do it all.

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