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Tijuana, Mexico Announces It’s New “No Shot – No Check” Delta Dawn Pandemic Policy

TIJUANA, Mexico – (Satire News) – When it comes to staying ahead of the pack, the border down of Tijuana, is mucho way ahead of the rest.

The city of 2 million inhabitants has just issued a proclamation that anyone working in Tijuana, who does not get the Delta Dawn shot for whatever reason will not be paid.

The order states very clearly in Spanish, “No shoto, no moneyo.”

Several of the town’s pavement princesses (whores) are challenging the mandate by refusing to perform their sexual acts for any males who are members of either the city council, the police department, or Taco Bell.

Meanwhile, Tijuana’s most popular puta (prostitute) who goes by the name of Melania De La Trumpeta, told Tabloid Today reporter Papaya Bamboo, that she will be getting the shot, as she is not about to miss out on getting her tremendous boom boom (boinking) commission.

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