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‘This Is Avocado, You Are Avocado’: Comedian Vir Das Pens Hilarious Note On The Fruit

Hate it or love it, you can’t ignore the fact that Avocados are a storehouse of health benefits. Apart from containing good fats and helping lower cholesterol, studies suggest that they may even help in weight loss. Avocado also has several properties which help in maintaining healthy, glowing skin. The creamy fruit has been trending among health enthusiasts recently for the multiple benefits it offers. From Jacqueline Fernandez to Mira Kapoor, a number of Bollywood celebrities have also tried the humble food in multiple forms. However, comedian Vir Das had slightly different and hilarious thoughts about Avocado, which he shared in a note on Twitter. Take a look:

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Speaking about his love-hate relationship with Avocado, Vir Das said that he was all 35 years old when he tried it for the first time. He further narrated how he didn’t even know what it was earlier and neither did he care to find out, until the world made him try it and care about it. “Now I eat at least one Avocado a week. Because I lack conviction. Not even because I enjoy it. But because I was told it matters,” wrote Vir Das.

As for the taste of Avocado, the comedian wrote that it had practically none of its own. “The taste is quite literally like eating matter. Green tasteless particles that need to be topped up with eggs and toast and mostly approval from an otherwise cruel world,” he dryly remarked. He concluded with a philosophical take on Avocados, saying that, “How you feel while reading this, is your brain having an intellectual manifestation of how your tongue feels with avocado on it. This is avocado, you are avocado.”

The funny and intriguing rant on Twitter about Avocado received over 1.4k likes. Several users shared their feelings about Avocados in the comments section. While some agreed with Vir Das about Avocado being a tasteless and pointless food, others suggested ways to revamp its bland taste. Take a look at the reactions:

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What did you think of Vir Das’ hilarious post about Avocados? Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you’re looking for some recipes to include Avocado in your diet, click here.

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