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This 2-Minute Keto Protein Shake Made With Paneer Is Our Latest Obsession

The summer is upon us and we cannot wait to take a sip of some coolers and ice-cold beverages. The scorching heat is becoming unbearable by the day and you know sometimes an AC room is also not enough to beat the heat. Shakes and smoothies are an incredible way to get some respite from the blazing temperature as well as sneak in something healthy and wholesome along the way. Trust us, you can add just about anything to a protein shake and it will come out good.  Take for instance, this protein shake that has paneer in it. That’s right, this particular shake comes with high-protein goodness of paneer and adds its own creamy, thick texture to the shake. If you happen to be a vegan, you can also replace paneer with tofu. The shake is ideal for those on keto diet or no diet at all. For the unversed, ketogenic diet is a diet that encourages ruling out carbohydrates or limiting its intake so that your body burns up fats instead.

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This protein shake recipe by YouTuber and dietician Jyoti Dalmia uses a teaspoon of oil. If you are not on keto, you can rule out the oil and proceed without it. If you do not like paneer, you can simply use yogurt or milk too; but trust us, paneer or cottage cheese adds a whole new texture to this shake that is impossible to imitate. For the chocolate flavour, the shake uses cocoa powder and not one of those chocolate syrups laden with sugar.

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Paneer is a very versatile ingredient

The method is very easy – just take all the ingredients and blend till you get a fine shake. Strawberries add a lovely tarty flavour. So, if you have some of them, do use it in your shake.

How To Make 2-Minute Keto Protein Shake:

1. Take a blender and drop some strawberries and vanilla extract.
2. Add any natural sweetener of your choice.
3. Now add water, preferably chilled.
4. Add cottage cheese or tofu to the blender, followed by some ice.
5. Throw in some cocoa powder, oil (optional). Blend. Serve chilled.

Sounds like a cakewalk, right? Try this lovely protein shake and let us know how you liked it. You can find the detailed recipe video here.

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