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The bear cub was dancing like nobody was watching.

Internet is full of content that will make your day. From sea waves touching the clouds to panda rolling on the ground in a zoo, videos have brought smile on the faces of millions of social media users.

Now, another such video will set you up for the weekend. It shows a bear cub dancing like crazy.

Watch the video:

The excited bear cub also hops around after standing on its hind legs. The 13-second clip shows him dancing like nobody’s watching.

The short clip has become immensely popular on the internet, with 2.5 million people watching it.

“Oh my god… this is so Aweosme,” one user said while replying to the Twitter post.

“Cute for now….but it really looks like he’s challenging the photographer,” tweeted another.

Many Twitter users also posted their own versions of “dance like nobody’s watching” moments.

The videos of animal antics usually become massively popular on social media. Just last month, a video of a panda waking up to ‘breakfast in bed’ won the internet.

The adorable video was shared by ‘Buitengebieden’ on Twitter. It showed the panda sleeping peacefully on a pile of woods in a zoo. A worker approaches the animal and tries to wake him up by poking him with a carrot.

After a couple of nudges, the panda starts tossing and turning, and the moment he wakes up, he sees the carrot and grabs it immediately. It is then seen chomping away his wake-up snack. The video was aptly captioned: “Wake up! Snack time.”

Similarly, a dog became the internet’s darling for snatching a pizza slice from the mouth of a man.

The video showed the man taking a bite of a pizza slice with the dog in his lap. It instantly jumps to snatch the popular snack away from the man’s mouth and grasps it tightly in its own mouth.

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