Sutan Forest (সুতান এর জঙ্গল) – Sutan a Tribal Village, Bankura

Sutan Forest

Sutan Forest – Sutan is a tribal village

Sutan Forest – Sutan is a tribal village (known for its weaving) situated approximately around 8 km from the Ranibandh- Jhilimili road, in a forest stretching across 6 kilometers. The small place is a visual wonder, covered by the dense vegetation of Sal, Mahua, Piyasal, Simul, and Palaash, placed 32 km from another nearby attraction, Mukutmanipur. Home to various tribal groups like Shantals, Bhumij, and Munda, Sutan is a quiet village with small hills.

  • Distance From IIT Kharagpur Is Approx. 127 Km Via SH 5
  • Distance From Kolkata Is Approx. 244km Via NH16

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Do check out the Sutan Lake and enjoy a boating trip here. The steps to this lake descend directly from the bungalow. You can secure an expansive view of the moonlit forest from the tower, placed on the banks of the lake. The night scene as well as its ambience is accentuated by the continuous sounds of cricket and that of constant drumming and the distant fragrance of Mohua. The moonlit Sutan with its array of red Krishnachuri is plain “intoxicating”.

You can even get a rare glimpse of various animals like wild elephants, deer, cock as well as pigs. The wild elephants descend for the Dalma Pahar, attracted by the beauty of Sutan.

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