Rs 1,000 For “Your Google Doubts”: See Doctor’s Hilarious Notice News Portal


The notice highlights the frustration doctors feel when patients google symptoms

In the age of the internet, most people, when they fall sick, usually Google their symptoms before visiting a medical professional. This of course is not always advised with many medical practitioners also urging people not to take medical advice from the internet.

A doctor has taken this even further with a sign posted outside their clinic. The sign that reads “OPD Charges”, gives a list of costs based on what the patient is coming in for.

The list reads – “My diagnosis, my treatment – Rs 200; My diagnosis, your treatment – Rs 500; Your Google doubts – Rs 1,000; Your diagnosis, my treatment – Rs 1,500; Your diagnosis, your treatment – Rs 2,000.”

Posted by Twitter user @gdalmiathinks with the caption “This doctor gets it totally right!!!”, the notice highlights the frustration doctors feel about their patients’ queries born from googling them.

Most internet users agreed that this reflected the new reality for most doctors.

Twitter user @aamirjunaid wrote, “Most of us would end up paying 1000 🙂 Once I put my doubts in front of the doctor. His reply as a question was so embarrassing. “Did you check this on Google ?” !!!”

While most internet users agreed with this doctors move, last month another post went viral on Twitter that saws a doctor charging a patient for crying in his office.

The itemised medical bill showed that Ms Johnson’s sister had visited the doctor back in January for her condition. The various cost of the doctor’s visit included a vision assessment test priced at $20, a $15 haemoglobin test, a capillary blood draw for $30 and a preventative health screening which cost $350. However, what caught Ms Johnson’s attention was the $40 charge for “crying”.

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