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We all have some of the worst driving behaviour and the sooner we spot and overcome them the better. Many road accidents and other problems could be avoided if we paid little attention to them.

 We have some stereotypical ideas about people’s behaviour that they are incorrigibly lousy or clumsy in learning proper driving but we fail to look at our ways while we are at the wheels. We often overlook the telltale signs of danger looming large because we are invariably in a hurry all the time. we have developed the habit of flouting traffic rules and it is all prevailing.

Every bright side may have a darker aspect about it and we too are prone to acquiring bad driving habits. Our inclination to break the laws of the road is just one example. Let’s have a look at the worst driving habits one may have.


  1. Fast driving to cross yellow lights:

​​You often feel while driving that you are never going to stop anywhere before you reach your destination. It’s a matter of a few seconds before the yellow light turns red. You often forget that you have to turn to a slow mode of drive when you spot the yellow light and come to a complete stop the moment it is red. There is no point in speeding when it is yellow because often it could lead to a crash or a big inconvenience to other motorists or pedestrians. So, why should your run the risk of putting your as well as others’ lives in peril? You should be patient while driving near the traffic signals and you should follow them without fail. 

  1. Unlawful parking:

People often break the laws when they should obey them for everyone’s welfare. Drivers often park in areas where there is strict prohibition because they can’t wait to find an appropriate place. You should adhere to the rules of parking and never park along the curb or in the no-parking slots. People often do it on the sly hoping they would get away doing the act. When they are caught by the traffic police, they tend to argue with the constable and end up getting the ticket. The parking fees in some areas may be hefty and there is no way you can get it waived. It’s quite all right to wait for some time before you find a suitable place to park your vehicle.


  1. Ignoring traffic signs:

People behave childishly sometimes when they have the opportunity to purposely overlook the signs on the road. These signs are up there on purpose and a lot of thought must have gone behind them. The signs are out there for public safety and you are the public. Ignoring these signs amounts to ignoring your safety. It makes no sense at all. If everybody starts behaving in the same manner, there will be chaos and unruly behaviour will go unchecked. Remember, others are watching you and they might follow your misdemeanor.

  1. Not following lane discipline:

 whenever you are on the highways, you find yourself in a rush and you follow your own rules. You wish that you were the only driver on the road and the road belonged to you as long as you drove yourself crazy. You don’t have any other idea but to race up to where you are heading. You cut the lanes in this mad rush aggravating the chances of getting squeezed between cars or dashing against the car running ahead of you in case the driver is unmindful of your breaking the lane rule. It is better that you start earlier than you usually begin your journey so that you have enough time to put some sense into your mind and practice patience while driving.

  1. Unmindful of the blind spots:


Not caring for the blind spots could lead to big disasters on the roads. People often are in a mad rush to overtake and cut across lanes quite unmindful of other cars racing up from behind. You would do well if you looked into the rearview mirror while changing lanes. You can avoid big crashes.

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