“Real Or Robotic?”: Kyra, Who Claims To Be India’s First Meta-Influencer, Leaves Internet Confused News Portal


Kyra’s Instagram posts have seen a great form of engagement.

Virtual avatars are all over the internet in recent days. They have an uncanny resemblance to human beings which makes it harder for people to differentiate. 

Now, India too has joined the game and has its own virtually influencer called Kyra. According to her creator, Kyra is 21-year-old. She has become very popular on Instagram with nearly 100,000 followers. 

Kyra has been created by TopSocial India, an influencer marketing platform. She was launched back in January and has been created by Himanshu Goel, the business head of TopSocial India. Kyra’s bio describes her as a “dream chaser, model and traveller”. 

The virtual influencer’s social media feed shows her doing yoga, lounging at beaches and posing in front of heritage sites. She has also done a fashion shoot. According to Mr Goel’s LinkedIn post, Kyra even participated in a metaverse fashion week that brought together big global names like Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana. 

Kyra’s reels of chilling in a pool or scenes from a photoshoot at the beach or in front of Jaipur’s famous Hawa Mahal have left internet users intrigued. While some find it hard to believe that she isn’t real, others have mocked the virtual influencer and even pointed out that there is a need to improve the quality of the computer-generated image (CGI) of Kyra.

Overall, her Instagram posts have seen great engagement. 

One user said, “I can’t understand that you are real or robotic.” Another wrote, “One Minute silence for those who thought she is real and fell in love.” A third user asked, “who are you,,,,, sooo perfect details.” “Ye mujhe normal ladki ki tarah q nhi lgri..she looking like robot..kch to kami lgri but kya? Still confused,” said fourth. 

Kyra is inspired by the world’s first virtual influencers like Lil Miquela or Rozy from South Korea. “When we launched Kyra, (India’s first Virtual Influencer) fashion was one of the first categories we focused on. We can’t wait to see how Indian fashion brands will participate in the Metaverse space,” wrote Mr Goel in the LinkedIn post sharing images of the virtual influencer. He even invited everyone to follow Kyra’s journey for “many more adventures and secrets” that are yet to be revealed. 

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